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Professional Audio to CD Transfer


Professional Audio to CD Transfer/Conversion

DVD Infinity professionally remaster your old audio recordings to CD. We professionally transfer more audio formats than anyone else in Australia. We use only the highest quality equipment and go the extra mile to ensure you receive the very best possible quality. Annoying noises such as clicks, crackle, pop, hiss and background noise are substantially reduced or eliminated from old home made recordings. We even separate tracks from your recordings where practicable. Your professional looking CD masterpiece will sound much better than your originals and you will cherish it forever. Our CDs can be played in your Audio CD Player, DVD player, Blu-ray Player, PC or Mac (with CD drive).

highest quality equipment (most professional decks, most appropriate styluses, etc)
clicks, crackle, pop, hiss and background noise substantially removed or eliminated
rumble free 78 transfers
separation of audio tracks
correction of playback speed
digital noise reduction where applicable
remove long dead spaces from the recording

Optionally, we provide highest quality full colour printing on the CD and creation of a custom cover using an image that you supply.

If you have a lot of audio recordings, we can even create DVD Infinity Audio DVDs with up to 30 hours of high quality audio. These can be played on ordinary DVD players. We can also output the audio to computer files such as .WAV or .MP3 files.

We create high quality CDs from
Gramophone and LP to CD - home made LPs (33, 45 and 78rpm)
78 Voice Records - laminated, shellac, lacquer, glass, steel, cardboard or aluminum
1/4" reel to CD - 1/4" (quarter inch) reel to reel (all speeds)(all sizes)(mono or stereo)(one to four tracks)
1/2" reel to CD - 1/2" (half inch) reel to reel (all speeds)(all sizes)(mono or stereo)(one to four tracks)
audio cassettes to CD
microcassettes (aka micro-cassettes) to CD
minicassettes to CD
minidiscs to CD
wire recordings to CD
PCM Audio on Betamax(PAL and NTSC) to CD
PCM Audio on Betacam (PAL and NTSC) to CD
PCM Audio on U-matic (PAL and NTSC) to CD
Betamax Hifi (PAL and NTSC) to CD
DAT to CD - DAT tapes
ADAT to CD - ADAT tapes
answering machine messages, handheld tape recordings, mobile phone messages
Audio from Video formats (VHS, Betamax, Betacam, U-matic, etc)
Audio soundtracks from movie film formats (Standard 8, Super 8, Single 8, 9.5mm, 16mm)
other formats on request - We can transfer most audio formats (including 1/2", 1", etc)

    audio to CD

Please note that due to copyright regulation, we are only able to copy material for which you own the copyright.

Phonograph, Gramophone and LP records
On 4 December 1877 Thomas Edison created history by recording and playing his reading of Mary had a little lamb. The technology he used was based on the workings of the rudimentary telephones that he had invented. The device used a cylinder with a piece of paper to generate vibrations in a speaker similar to that which he had used in his telephone. In 1888, Berliner developed the Gramophone. It was essentially a flattened version of the earlier phonograph recording devices. In 1930 RCA Victor introduced the vinyl record at 33 1/3rpm and later the 45rpm record in 1949. DVD Infinity will use a turntable and stylus appropriate to get the best out of your 78, LP record or EP record. This makes quite a difference as some turntables and some styluses will be better for 78s and others will be more appropriate for newer recordings. We will then optimise the audio signal to get the very best out of it. Noise reduction is applied to remove crackle, etc to provide the very best from your 78, LP or EP record.

Wire Recordings
A wire recording is an audio recording made onto a thin piece of stainless steel wire. They were popular just after the second world war.

1/4" audio recordings
1/4" open reel or quarter inch audio reel to reel was first introduced in 1948. It became popular for both consumer products and professional recordings. Whilst consumer products were replaced by the audio cassette. 1/4" consumer audio tapes could be 1 7/8ips, 3 3/4ips or 7 1/2ips. Professional recordings were generally done at 7 1/2ips or 15 ips. DVD Infinity will use a deck and speed appropriate for your 1/4" reel to reel recording. We will then ensure that the signal from the audio reel is optimised to get the very best out of it. Noise reduction is applied to get the very best out of the recording.

Audio Cassette recordings
Originally introduced by Philips as a mono dictaphone audio format in 1962, the audio cassette became the predominant format up until recently when the audio CD took over. DVD Infinity use a deck appropriate to your audio cassette and optimise the signal from your audio cassette recording. Hiss and hum reduction is performed to ensure highest quality.

Minicassette recordings
Originally introduced by Philips in 1967, using thin magnetic coated tape. The recording was only ever good for recording voice as its construction meant that the recording speed was not constant. The Minicassette was popular with dictation machines and answering machines. It was also used in computer storage due to its size. DVD Infinity will use the best deck available and optimise the audio signal to get the very best from your audio recording.

Microcassette recordings
Originally introduced by Olympus in 1969, using thin magnetic coated tape and half or a quarter the tape speed, microcassettes offer comparable recording time to the audio cassette. Microcassette was popular with dictation machines and answering machines. It was also used in computer storage due to its size. DVD Infinity will use the best deck available and optimise the audio signal to get the very best from your audio recording.

Digital Audio formats - CD
In 1982, the CD was introduced and it immediately had a market due to the elimination of imperfections related to other media and the high quality output. In 1987, the Digital Audio Tape (DAT or R-DAT) was introduced by Sony. Whilst it provided very good audio, it did not take off for the consumer market due to its high cost. In 1998, the miniDisc was introduced. However, it never really developed a market. MP3s were first developed in 1989. However, this is a software format rather than a true audio format.


Aren't your audio recordings worth preserving properly?

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