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       1300 850 383    Aust
+61 2 9906 6383    Int'l

Our Contact Details

Telephone:   1300 850 383          (Within Australia)  
  1300 850 DVD         (Within Australia)  
  +61 2 99066 383     (Crows Nest Sales Office)  
  +61 2 99066 DVD    (Crows Nest Sales Office)  
  +61 2 95422 383     (Sutherland Sales Office)  
  +61 2 95422 DVD    (Sutherland Sales Office)  
  +61 2 9906 6383     (International)  
Fax:   +61 2 9966 4138     (fax)    
Email:   info@dvdinfinity.com.au    
Postal Address:   PO Box 102    
    Artarmon NSW 1570
Sales Office:        
79 Alexander St
Crows Nest NSW

Sales Office Opening Hours:
Mon - Fri 10AM - 6PM
Sat         10AM - 1PM (closed Easter Saturday)

Shop 8a, 754 Old Princes Hwy
Sutherland NSW

Sales Office Opening Hours:
Mon - Fri 10AM - 6PM
Sat         10AM - 1PM (closed Easter Saturday)

From the city via Sydney Harbour Bridge or Sydney Harbour Tunnel
Take Brook St Exit and turn left. The road curves around to the right
and you will see Alexander St on your left. We are about 3 blocks up the
road on your left.

From North via the Pacific Highway
Turn left at Albany St (just past St Leonards Train Station).
Go to the end of the road and turn right. This is Alexander St.
We are about 3 blocks up on the left hand side.

Closest Train Station
The closest Train Station is St Leonards (about 1 kilometre away).

Closest Bus Stop
The closest Bus Stop is one block away in Alexander St. Bus no.s 263 or 273 run regularly from Wynyard.
In Sutherland
Almost opposite the train station is Eton Arcade. There is a TAB at the entrance to the arcade. We are shop 8a within the arcade.

Closest Train Station
The closest Train Station is Sutherland (about 100 metres away).

Primary Pick up and Drop off points
Opening times and payment methods may vary from shop to shop.
Sydney - North
DVD Infinity   79 Alexander St, Crows Nest    
Sydney - West
DVD Infinity   WPH Office is now closed    
Sydney - South
DVD Infinity   Shop 8a/754 Old Princes Hwy, Sutherland    
Civic South Hurstville   850 King Georges Rd, Sth Hurstville    

We are constantly looking for quality resellers. If you are interested in reselling our quality products, have a video or photographic retail outlet and are in an area not currently serviced by another DVD Infinity reseller, please contact us.

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