Photo Restoration

DVD Infinity can also restore your old, torn and damaged photos.

Before Restoration After Restoration
Before Restoration After Restoration

Below are a list of some of the things that DVD Infinity can do to restore images:
  • Missing edges, water damage and photos stuck to glass repaired
  • Under/over exposure corrected for part or all of image
  • Colours and colour tone restored or changed
  • Faded or stained images restored
  • Cracks, creases, tears and stains restored
  • Backgrounds replaced
  • People or objects removed or added
  • Combine multiple images
  • Scratches or surface cracking restored
  • Repair or replace missing areas of an image
  • Paper wrinkling over some important detail
  • Removal of colour casting
  • Removal of redeye
  • Bringing faces out of the shadows
  • Optimise brightness and contrast
  • Colour or sepia tones are restored or converted to black and white
  • Wrinkles reduced, softened or eliminated
  • Teeth whitened or straightened; gaps closed
  • Skin blemishes reduced, softened or eliminated
  • Reconstructed missing pieces, faces, hands and feet
  • Photographs sharpened