Disc Replication Service

We mass produce (replicate or press) the following formats:
  • Blu-ray BD-25             
  • 25GB (Blu-ray, Single sided, single layer)
  • DVD-5 
  • 4.7GB (Single sided, single layer)
  • DVD-9 
  • 8.5GB (Single sided, double layer)
  • DVD-10 
  • 9.4GB (Double sided, single layer)
  • DVD/CD Hybrid 
  • 5.4GB (DVD one side, CD one side)
  • MiniDVD5
  • 1.1GB
  • MiniDVD9
  • 2.0GB
  • CD
  • 0.7GB
  • 8cm miniCD
  • 0.1GB
  • Business card CD
  • 50MB
  • Shaped DVDs
  • Varies
  • ECO Discs
  • Varies
Disc Replication Quotation

Disc Replication Artwork Requirements

The following templates may assist you with your artwork preparation:
Slick dimensions are 182 x 272mm (129mm/14mm/129mm, Front/Spine/Back) with 5mm bleed around all edges: The following print requirements should be adhered to in order to ensure fastest delivery times and avoid any additional costs:
  • use CMYK colour
  • use a resolution of at least 300 dpi
  • include 5mm bleed on slicks, no bleed on DVD face
  • include crop marks
  • include any special fonts
  • supply a printout of all artwork files
Barcodes for DVD Replication Orders
Barcodes may be arranged by Australian Barcodes (non GS1 barcodes only) or GS1 Australia (issuer of unique barcodes). Please note that many retailers (including Woolworths, Dick Smith, etc) require GS1 barcodes.

The DVD Replication Process

The following gives a brief description of the disc creation process:
  • design and planning
  • collect, create and capture video, audio, data assets
  • video and audio data compression
  • authoring to DVD specification
  • data and file formatting to DVD file system
  • create master DVD for replication
  • create glass master/stamper for replication process
  • test mould and verify program authoring
  • DVD Replication moulding and metalisation
  • bonding, printing and final quality control
  • packaging and distribution

Disc Replication from your own master

If you prefer, you can supply your own master. We can accept CD-R, DLT type III or Type IV in either DDP 2.0 or DDP 2.1 format or DVD-R (for authoring) or high quality DVD-R (for general) for replication. Always use new, clean media to ensure no dropouts.

Why use DVD Infinity for your Disc Replication?

  • Full range of media options (including CD, DVD-5, DVD-9, miniCD, miniDVD-5, miniDVD-9, EcoDVD-5, EcoCD, etc).
  • ISO9002 quality assurance.
  • Fully licensed replication plant.
  • Highest quality discs available.
  • Zero errors / quality assured.
  • Highest quality printing available.
  • Small orders available in 10 business days.
  • Convenient sales office locations throughout Sydney and orders shipped throughout Australasia.
  • Full range of packaging options (including plastic sleeves, library cases, mailers, cardboard sleeves, tray packs, etc).
  • No over/unders - you receive the exact quantity you requested - not more or less from what you ordered.
  • Free Glass Mastering.
  • Free Printing.
  • Free Assembly.
  • Prices include GST.
  • Australian made - so no unforseen delays at customs*.
  • DVD authoring service available.
  • Over 15 years experience in all things DVD - so greater knowledge.
Please note that when comparing a DVD Replication quote, there are a number of differences to other company quotes.

Other companies may outsource the DVD replication to China, where quality standards are lower (i.e. rejection settings are lower meaning that defective DVDs can get through to your final order). Also, copyright is a major problem. Whilst in most modern countries, copyright is respected and breaches are able to be rectified, China has no such respect and your DVDs may show up being sold independently of you. The other issue is that many Chinese companies do not pay royalties. This means that you may be required to pay those royalties later if found to have used the non complying factory. Quite often, imports are delayed at customs, meaning that you may miss important deadlines.

Other companies can make up to 10% less than the quantity you order (meaning that you do not have sufficient DVDs) or make up to 10% more (and then charge you extra, putting you over your budget).

Other companies do not always include all the costs in the quotation. Some companies charge additional monies for GST, Glass Mastering, Printing, Assembly. These can quickly add up.

*Except where otherwise agreed.