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Our Standard 8mm film transfer to DVD quality is unmatched
We have transferred film for happy customers in over 40 countries!

dvd infinity

Standard 8 to DVD, Bluray and USB Transfers

Highest Quality Standard 8 to Blu-ray, DVD & Hard Drive

We provide the world's highest quality Blu-ray & DVD productions (and DV masters) as well as hard drive from Standard 8, Super 8, 16mm and 9.5mm cinefilm. We regularly provide our unique services to individuals and organisations around the globe for films all the way back to the 1920s. Each frame is individually processed and digitally scanned at above broadcast quality, one frame at a time using DVD Infinity's unique motion picture film scanning technology, software and techniques.

We were the first to scan 8mm, 9.5mm and 16mm film in the Southern Hemsiphere and again the first company to date to scan 8mm, 9.5mm and 16mm film in Full High Definition with Full Colour separation. We are the first and only company in the Southern Hemisphere to offer optional digital film restoration that significantly reduces dust, scratches and where the projector has taken some of the emulsion off one frame but not the adjacent frames. It also improves colour, detail and contrast as well as reducing film grain.

This is not your ordinary transfer. DVD Infinity's unique film scanning provides a much higher quality DVD from your cinefilm than any other transfer system on the planet. Our customers normally comment that it looks so much better on the DVD than it ever did through the projector. In a recent article by Australian MacWorld, DVD Infinity was ranked No. 1 for cinefilm transfers, receiving the accolade of Best Solution Provider. The broadcast industry used to pay hundreds of dollars per minute for a lesser quality (flying spot technology) not so long ago. We now offer this quantum leap in quality to those wishing to transfer their home movies. Nobody else comes close to our quality...

Attention to Detail on Standard 8 Film Transfers

... and its not just a "no care" transfer. We cut out the stuff that absolutely nobody wants to keep. Burnt frames, bad joins, sections of film that are completely blank, black or white, sections where you can't see anything due to excessive camera shake or extremely poor focus are cut out. This makes your film much more watchable. Please note that we do not judge your filming ability and tend to err on the side of leaving footage in.

We only offer ONE process for transferring small gauge film (8mm, 16mm or 9.5mm) and we do not have options to upgrade to other media. This is because at DVD Infinity we only use the best to start with and only the best is good enough.

If your film is old, brittle or shrunken it is prone to damage and should not be run through a projector. A projector will introduce heat through the projector lamp, and stress through the sprocket feed mechanism. We transfer your images without the use of hot lamps or feed stress and return your films in the same condition that you gave them to us. Whilst we do brush off excess dust and hair, rest assured that we do not apply any liquids or solvents to your film as this only speeds its deterioration. Even if your smells of vinegar and is in the early stages of vinegar syndrome, we can transfer your film.

Our Standard 8 Film Transfers are Unique

Some of the unique features included in our cinefilm processing include:
dvd infinityabove broadcast quality in both standard and high definition
dvd infinityabsolutely zero flicker (not even the flicker from your projector)
dvd infinityunparelleled detail, contrast, sharpness and brightness
dvd infinityno shadow colour bleed
dvd infinitymuch richer and more natural colour
dvd infinityno hot spots or uneven distribution
dvd infinityno streaks, motion blur, ghosting, frame blending or wobble
dvd infinityup to 25% more viewable image area
dvd infinityminor colour and exposure correction
dvd infinityburnt film frames and excessive camera shake cut out
dvd infinitycompletely blank, black or white film frames cut out
dvd infinityextremely out of focus parts cut out
dvd infinitya true scan, so no out of focus issues
dvd infinitybad joins cut out
dvd infinityno black or fuzzy edges
dvd infinityfilm inspected and damaged splices repaired for free
dvd infinityno heat or tension damage to your film
dvd infinityslowed to normal film playback speed
dvd infinitysound on sound film, transferred separately and synchronised with scanned film frames
dvd infinityability to scan and mix all small gauge film formats (not just 8mm and 16mm film)
dvd infinityreels are returned in exactly the same condition as received
dvd infinityall outputs are generated as originals (not dubs or copies)
dvd infinityall work is conducted on DVD Infinity unique scanning technology not just telecine devices
dvd infinityall work is conducted by empassioned specialists rather than just owner/operators
dvd infinityexperience - not only do we transfer all small gauge films (8mm, 9.5mm, 16mm, etc) but if all the film that we have scanned was joined together it would wrap around the circumference of the Earth.

Please note that we precisely match the film's colour. If you wish colour grading rather than colour correction, we can do that as well, obviously at additional cost. Please let us know at the time we quote your job and we will be happy to assist.

We have recently developed an optional film restoration service that includes dust, mould & mildew reduction (improving blemishes that appear on one frame but not adjacent frames), colour and contrast improvement. See our film restoration page.

The Ultimate in DVD or Blu-ray from Standard 8

This is the ultimate in DVD & Blu-ray. We create a Hollywood Style Blu-ray or DVD production using your old cinefilm. The package includes interactive animated menus and scene selection (just like the ones in your local video shop), chapter markers for each reel, themed backgrounds and even a personalised DVD and cover (using your photo and choice of title). For silent movies we can even add fully synchronised background music. We can also master directly to miniDV or DVCam if desired (in either PAL or NTSC). We can even transfer your silent film so that there is one frame of film for each frame of video giving greater flexibility for editing.

Our unique cinefilm DVD & Blu-ray packages also include:
dvd infinitychapter point for each reel
dvd infinityHollywood Style animated menus and scene selections (6)
dvd infinityHollywood grade encoding for highest quality on disk
dvd infinitypersonalised DVD or Blu-ray and cover
dvd infinitythemed menus, scene selections, DVD or Blu-ray and cover
dvd infinityhighest photo quality printing directly onto DVD or Blu-ray face

Editable Formats from your Standard 8 film

For those wanting to edit their own, we also provide the following output options:
dvd infinityPAL or NTSC or FUll HD
dvd infinityStandard 8 to hard drive and data disks
dvd infinityStandard 8 to MOV, MPEG2, MP4, AVI or most other digital file formats
dvd infinityStandard 8 to miniDV, Digital8, DVCam, Digital Betacam or data files (including AVI [.avi] and quicktime [.mov])
dvd infinityHi Definition outputs available - HDV, AVCHD, MPEG2HD, Quicktime HD, etc
dvd infinity1 frame of film = 1 frame of video or slowed to video speed

If you are not sure which media you should transfer your film to, please check out our editing vs entertainment section.

Highest Quality from Standard 8 Film

This is NOT your normal low quality film transfer such as "Direct from film to DVD" transfer, "digital optical printing", "reshoot" transfer, Elmo, Goko, Tobin, RCA TP66, aerial transfer, telecine or projector based transfer. Using these techniques, it is not possible to come anywhere close to our extremely high quality. We can supply a true master on miniDV ie. where there is one distinct frame of DV for each distinct frame of film if desired.

If you have had your film transferred elsewhere in the past and are not happy with the results, come and see us. Customers who have had their film transferred elsewhere and then have their film retransferred through ourselves are always thrilled with our results.  

Standard 8 circa 1950s
This Standard 8mmm film sample shows why we are the best at Standard 8mm (aka Regular 8 aka 8mm) to DVD transfers
16mm circa 1960s
This 16mm film sample shows why we are the best at 16mm to DVD transfers
Super 8 circa 1970s
This Super 8mm film sample shows why we are the best at Super 8mm to DVD transfers

8mm film to video transfer, 8mm film to DV, film to DV conversion, Super 8 film to digital, 16mm film transfer

Other Film Formats

We transfer the following film formats (at all frame rates)**:
dvd infinityStandard 8
(Regular 8, Normal 8, Cine 8, Split 8 or Double 8)
(silent & commag)
dvd infinitySuper 8 (and Single 8)(silent & commag 1 & 2 track)
dvd infinity16mm film(silent, commag & optical)
dvd infinity9.5mm film
(Pathe 9.5mm, Pathex 9.5mm, Pathescope 9.5mm)
(silent only)
dvd infinity17.5mm film(silent only)
dvd infinity28mm film(silent only)
dvd infinity35mm film(silent only)
dvd infinityPolavision Phototapes(silent only)
dvd infinityVideotronic Cartridges(silent only)
dvd infinityTechnicolor Magi-Cartridge film magazines(silent & mag track)
dvd infinityFairchild MoviePaks(silent & mag track)
dvd infinitycolour and black and white
dvd infinitymix film gauges and types on same DVD or output media
dvd infinityfilm shot in anamorphic can be transferred to letterbox if desired
dvd infinityfilms taken at any speed

Please note that because we scan the film across, all sound film (commag aka magstripe aka magnetic stripe or optical) has to have the sound transferred separately and then resynchronised.

The diagram to the right may assist you to identify your film type:

Click here to calculate running time for your film.

Can I print a frame from an 8mm film?
It is not technically possible to print a good quality image from an 8mm frame. The reasons are as follows: Print quality is defined at 300dpi. A Super 8mm frame has approximately 5mm x 4mm of image data. At standard definition this represents 720 x 576 pixels or an image size of 60mm x 48mm. Even scanned at 4000dpi (the effective limitation of the grain of the film), the image size is limited to 780 x 630 pixels for fine grain Super 8 films, less for Standard 8 and coarse grain Super 8 films, slightly above SDTV specifications. This equates to 66 x 53mm at accepted printed quality of 300dpi. On top of this very low print resolution, the movie film is used to capture movement and the frame rate is very slow which appears as a blurry item in the frame when held still. Some will argue that the image can be upscaled using software. However, if the image detail is not there to start with, it cannot be generated from thin air.

* Projector based systems include aerial image telecine, wetgate transfer, telecine chain, Elmo TRV, RCA TP66, Goko, 5 bladed projectors, etc.

** 8mm (including Standard 8, Super 8, Single 8, 16mm and 9.5mm film are digitally scanned frame by frame. Our system provided far better detail than the old Rank systems that people often refer to as an industry standard. Our results have also been compared favourably against Datacine transfers. Note that Technicolor Magi-Cartridges, Videotronic cartridges, Polavision cassettes and Fairchild MoviePaks will be returned opened.

We also sell...
ektachrome 100d standard 8 film
  • Ektachrome 100D and Tri-X Super 8 film
  • other Standard 8, Super 8 and Pathe 9.5mm film
  • film processing for Standard 8, Super 8 and 9.5mm film
  • acetate leader film for Standard 8, Super 8, 16mm and 9.5mm film
  • genuine Kodak film cement
  • genuine Kodak Standard 8mm film splices
  • genuine Kodak Super 8mm film splices
  • quality empty 8mm and 16mm film reels
  • projector lamps (12V, 100W)
  • hire of 8mm, Super 8 and 16mm projectors and editor/viewers

tri-x standard 8 film
Who uses our specialist cinefilm services
We have customers in over 40 countries around the world including:
  • Families who require the best
  • Television stations and production companies
  • Royalty and Hollywood stars
  • Libraries, archives and museums
  • Government departments
  • Small businesses and multinationals
  • Archivists, genealogists and historical societies

There is a huge difference in the quality of cinema film transfers. Most "so called" professionals project the film using a projector or telecine onto a wall, mirror, screen, or directly to a video camera and then film it with a camcorder. This is an extremely low quality amateur way of transferring your precious memories. It will severely reduce the quality of your treasured film resulting in lost colour, contrast and detail. It normally introduces unnecessary flicker (unless colour and detail are further degraded) as well as introducing hot spots, where whites become overexposed and flare, and streaks and blur where the camera films a moving frame. Beware as many unscrupulous operators are starting to state they are scanning or transferring frame by frame when in fact they are just using a telecine projector to project and refilm it.Wherever you see the word telecine or camera or synchronising the film speed to the shutter speed of the CCD to eliminate film flicker, think lower quality. Also, be wary if the operator only offers to transfer 8mm and 16mm film. They will not have the knowledge or experience to properly handle your precious films. If you're not sure, please contact us.

If you see someone who advertises something like super fast turnaround time beware. True frame by frame scanning is a very slow process. It normally takes 20 times real time just to transfer the footage across. So if you have a few 400ft reels and someone suggests that they can turn it around in a day they are not scanning the film across. If you see the words real time then this is a projection system.

We find more and more people copying information from our website but still nobody who comes close to our quality. Always ask where the samples are. Many people make claims that they offer the same as us. We provide samples and images on our website. Always ask for proof when someone claims they can do what DVD Infinity does with film.

Many operators using American equipment can only capture in NTSC standard (640 x 480 pixels) and then convert the images to PAL (720 x 576 pixels). This means that at best they capture to 640 x 480 pixels and then try and upsize to 720 x 576 pixels. Once you have lost 25% of the quality it is just not possible to get it back.

One scam that we have seen is one man in the USA who claims to be high speed scanning 2 complete frames for each frame of video, when he is in fact using a miniDV video camera and filming. Beware that you are not getting what you are paying for. By filming (not scanning) two complete frames of NTSC video for each frame of film, he will actually slow the film down so that it is unnaturally slow (NTSC normally has 29.97fps, film runs at 18 or 24 fps 18 x 2 or 24 x 2 does not give 29.97 fps). Furthermore, many use consumer grade DVD recorders rather than using professional DVD authoring equipment, resulting in further degradation.

There is a guy in the UK who states "We have been converting cine films from all over the world 'frame by frame' since 1984". This is quite incredible as the technology that made it possible was not available until early this decade. He says elsewhere "By using only top of the range high end digital equipment to scan your films 'frame by frame'. Again, sadly, he is shooting with a digital camera.

There is a company in the USA that claims to "virtually" eliminate flicker and claims they are confident that they are the best in the world. Because DVD Infinity scans each frame across we do not have synchronisation problems. DVD Infinity completely eliminates projector flicker (in fact we don't introduce it) and we are the best in the world.

There is a guy in Australia who claims to have "high quality, frame based, ... conversion to DVD" for 8mm film. In this instance, frame based, hardware corrected refers to a telecine device. The film is not scanned across and the quality is hence lacking.

Another US group talks about specializing in WETGATE frame-by-frame transfer and then explains that they use a modified telecine projector and a camera to shoot the images. They later go on to tell everyone that they are not as good as a Rank transfer. Sadly, this is obviously another low end transfer.

Another group claims "With 25 years experience ... We have transferred 9.5mm films dated from 1898..." This is very interesting as 9.5mm films were first made in 1922.

   Film formats - 8mm, Super 8mm, 16mm, 9.5mm, 17.5mm, 28mm

Don't your memories deserve the best preservation?
dvd infinity

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