We provide a level of service above your expectations. We provide the flexibility, resources and ideas to meet all your requirements. We go the extra mile and we are not happy unless you the customer are happy. If you are in Sydney, come in and speak to one of our knowledgeable staff or phone or email us. We aim for 110% customer satisfaction. We build our business on referrals and word of mouth. Here is some of what our customers are saying:
Apologies for the delay in sending this email but I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the amazing job you have done in preserving our cherished memories. The quality of the enhancements are truly remarkable and being able to watch the footage at normal speed is fantastic.

Thanks again for doing such a brilliant job


R Harris, Wandong, VIC, Australia

ALL of the reels, both 8mm and 16mm, arrived safely to my home this morning, along with the USB stick containing the transfer. It opened up without a problem, and indeed I have already made several copies without any issues.

I’ve only watched some of the footage, but I have to say, the transfer you have done is superb.

Aside from the footage bringing back so many fond and distant memories, the image quality is outstanding, and the grade really honours that beautiful Kodachrome and Ektachrome look. Bring back silver nitrate, I say!

Also, the process you have applied to remove dust and scratches is miraculous. That footage has gone through a ratty old projector thousands of times (home movie night was almost a weekly ritual at our house in the 70’s), but I LOVE that there’s still some grain, and scratches and dust and gate hairs. Again, you’ve honoured the footage.

Thank you, Andrew. My family will treasure these images. My father, Bill, especially. He shot the vast majority of it. He’s in aged care now, and he lost his wife of 66 years, Elizabeth, early this year. Doubtless, this will bring him much joy.


M Saville, North Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Thank you so much for the job you did on the DVD it was fantastic. Our daughters have seen family and friends that have passed away before they were born. We all have had a lot of tears and laughs today.

Thanks and regards

J Wolfe, Madora, WA, Australia

Many thanks, received the parcel on Tues - very, very happy with the job you did - leaves the local attempt looking very amateurish.

Will be singing your praises far and wide,

With appreciation

G Still, Queanbeyan, NSW, Australia

My mother (87yo) is enjoying the older films showing her 60 years ago holding me as a baby - oh how life slips through your hands.
I just wish I could have done it when my Dad was alive. Still no doubt the technology has changed a lot since then.
Still great to have the memories to share and make accessible again.

Please thank your staff.
There are certainly some challenges ahead (you'll know what I mean when I send the "big reel" (in terms of length) films.


R Mlodawski, Cloverdale, WA, Australia

Just received the parcel, appreciate you fixing that up, really happy with the quaulity work you have done, thank very much.


B Bienke, Goonellabah, NSW, Australia

A note to say that I am very pleased indeed with the quality of the work
that was done on my very old 8mm films.

Kind regards

J Glmorris

I received the videos, thanks very much.

They came out very well, could not be happier.


R Kaye

please pass on my thanks to whoever managed the scanning of the many
photos I sent to you.

I had really grappled with how on earth I was going to get it done as
mum is 92 and I want her to tell me about lots of the older photos.
Also I am going to move to Vanuatu in the next 18 months and have been
gradually going paperless so that move is going to be a lot easier.

With what your team has achieved I can now share these with my brother
and nieces and mum.

Thanks so much for such a great job. The work is very much appreciated.

R Culph, Armadale, VIC, Australia

I have received and viewed the restored 8mm film and I thought I'd send through a quick thankyou note to you and your staff.

I'm absolutely blown away by the quality of the final result! My expectations for the film were quite low but the final footage is simply spectacular and way beyond anything I could have hoped for.

Thankyou so much for all of your efforts


M Stewart

Thanks heaps Andrew! You guys have done a great job converting the film to digital and it is great to see the old footage again. Thanks heaps for the work, I will send through some more for you to do when we can find where it is lost in the house or garage!

Thanks again.

M Nott, Box Hill North, VIC, Australia

We are very happy with our DVD’s.

Thanks again and regards

N Hancock, Holder, ACT, Australia

Thanks so much for your beautiful DVD conversion of that old reel of 8mm film.

And thanks for the beautifully personalised case label.

It was very moving and bittersweet seeing my beloved Susan looking again so beautiful, young and happy.

L Cutler, Yarrawarrah, NSW, Australia

Package received with grateful thanks and full heart!!
Please pass on my deep thanks and gratitude to all ..
seeing my Dad and mum on a cover brought on the tears!


Kindest regards

J Kooy, Wembley, WA, Australia

Many thanks for the DVD S and great customer service from Dvd Infinity.
Please thank the staff that did them.
The quality is great thank you.
Glad I paid for the enhancing.

Kind regards

V Galasso, Wandong, VIC, Australia

The videos arrived. Very happy with the results. The more recent ones cerca 1988 are particularly good and the older ones have held up pretty well. I wasn't expecting you to rescue the bit of sound strip. It came up with very high quality, though there were a few gaps where maybe it had fallen off. What you guys do is very impressive. Thanks!

Now I have to find some playmates to make the 5th reel affordable. If you have any other malingerers like me with only one reel who can't afford the single reel charge then don't hesitate to put us in contact. I'm happy to coordinate a batch order.


D Stephensen, Quarry Hill, Vic, Australia

Thankyou so much, we love watching the old movies of our precious family.

Many blessings Robyn Reakes

R Reakes, Tumut, NSW, Australia

Just letting you know that the package arrived on Wednesday, I’ve had a quick look through the thumb drive and thought it was great, I think my parents will get very emotional when they get them.
Thanks again and have a great Christmas and new year.

Teresa Cattell

T Cattell, Wagga Wagga, NSW, Australia

I just wanted to thank you guys for the fantastic transferring work. I'm very pleased with the final outcomes and you looked after my tapes very well. Thank you so much.
For context, these tapes were given to me by good friends of mine, composers of children's TV programs who I consider very close friends. One is based in Sydney and the other is based in Nashville.

Thanks again

J Marshall, Ballina, NSW, Australia

My apologies, this plate was scanned correctly with the large chimney on the left. It made more sense to me flipped, but that’s not the way it was taken. So, corrected score is 20/20 for DVD Infinity.

Well done!


C Easton, Willaura, VIC, Australia

It’s Paige, I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the transferring of the VHS to DVD you don’t know how much it means to me and I really appreciate it I haven’t watched those videos for 11 years and it put a huge smile on my face when I was able to watch them again I’m so happy because of you. I was wondering when you were watching the slingshot video did it have sound on it if it didn’t that’s ok I can’t remeber if it had sound or not but you did a fantastic job on getting it onto DVD many many thanks again I’ll definitely refer you to my friends and family about you and how great you were and the service was.

Kind regards,

P Parkes, Upper Coomera, QLD, Australia

Thanks for that Andrew you’ve been such a great help to me now I can post them off to you I hope you have a lovely weekend.

Kind regards,

Paige Parkes

P Parkes, Upper Coomera, QLD, Australia

An edit I did of your recent Paris Super 8mm scan.

Feel free to reference it in your promotions.

This is the Paris movie that I shot on Kodachrome 40 Super 8mm in 1981.

It was scanned in HD Frame by Frame this year by a lab in Sydney that does a remarkable job. The final edited file was 13Gb and took 48 hours to upload to Youtube! I think there’s compression applied as the original scan is higher definition.


Tourné au cours de l’été 1981 le long de la célèbre Avenue des Champs-Elysées, et aux alentours. On voit des cinémas renommés qui affichent des films de renom, la Tour Eiffel, en train d’être rénovée, l’accident de voiture de rigueur, des amoureux parisiens – une esquisse de ce que c’était la vie de tous les jours dans ce quartier de la ville la mieux connue de l’Europe.

Tourné sur film Kodachrome 40 (le maintenant obsolète) en format Kodak Super 8, avec une caméra Canon 1014e.

Conversion image par image sur film haute résolution en version numérique scannée par DVD Infinity Sydney 2018. Edition en 2018.

Filmed in the summer of 1981 along and around the famous Avenue Des Champs Elysées. We see famous cinemas showing famous films, the Eifel Tower under renovation, the inevitable car accident, Parisian lovers - a short slice of what life was like in this part of Europe’s most renown city. Filmed on the now-obsolete Kodak Super 8mm Kodachrome 40 film with Canon 1014e Cine Camera. Frame by frame high resolution film to digital scan by DVD Infinity Sydney 2018. Edited 2018


G Florence, St Kilda, VIC, Australia

I have received the tapes and the copies on USB stick. Thank you very much.

I’m very happy with your service and the quality of the transfer from analog to digital.

I’m saving my pennies and get some VHS tapes converted from you in the future.

Kind regards from rainy Mullumbimby

H Knoch, Mullumbimby, NSW, Australia

Just to let you know that the slides box arrived back in Perth safely and The Family are very pleased with the results and how the older slides in particular have come up after all this time.

So I think you can expect some further colour slides from us when we get it organised and this time we will take advantage of your Pensioner/Seniors discount to help the finances and make it worth while.

So thanks to you and your Staff for a great result.


I Pugsley, Mullaloo, WA, Australia

Your company recently converted some VHS-C tapes for my family.
They have brought us such joy of being able to travel down those memory
lanes again. Thank You.

Kind Regards

L Tucker, Kiama Downs, NSW, Australia

Just picked up the package as I'd been busy all week.

Writing to let you know that I'm ecstatically pleased with the results off
the AVI files, especially the enhanced version. There is no doubt this is
about as good an image as it gets off Super 8mm.

Can't wait to see how 16mm and 9.5mm turns out.

Will probably send you another couple of Super 8s next and then a batch of
about 10x300' 9.5mm spools

Thanks very much.

Will edit this footage over the next few weeks, put music on etc and upload
to Youtube if you wanted to use that as a display for your fine work.


G Florence, St Kilda, VIC, Australia

Thanks Andrew and great job on the video restoration looks great.

R Hodge, Goolwa, SA, Australia

Movies and transfers received - thanks. The quality is excellent.
I don't know if saw any of these movies but it is astounding how well preserved they are and how well the transfers have come out. They are 58 - 60 years old and look great.



I have just received the hard drive with my crab videos on it.

It is PERFECT! Thank you very much.

P Backwell, Canberra, ACT, Australia

Many thanks for the DVDs which have arrived safely. You have done an absolutely fantastic job
they are brilliant, thank you so much !


S Trotman, Sackville North, NSW, Australia

I received my DVD's yesterday and am thrilled with them. Thank you so much for copying them for me. Must say I shed a few tears watching them last night but happy tears.

1 copy is for my daughter for a birthday present. I have been planning to do it for a couple of years now but as she is due to give birth to her own little girl at the end of May I think this is the perfect time to present them to her.

Thank you very much once again

From a very excited soon to be Grandma


K Paterson, Craigieburn, Vic, Australia

I received the carton from you yesterday, and watched the first DVD last night.

I am very pleased with the job you have done, it is wonderful to see the old movies without having to do battle with the old projector and listen to it clacking away, and the colours are better too.

But mainly I am happy to know the movies will be available for viewing for the future when the projector is worn out and the original films are broken.

P Howard, Gilgandra, NSW, Australia

Received the films and memory stick the other day. Only had a chance to go through films today, as expect a couple are of poor quality but there is some really terrific stuff I had completely forgotten about. Thank you and hopefully I can have the rest done later in the year.

S Martin, Orange, NSW, Australia

Thanks Andrew. Received safely and had a look. You guys do really excellent work (just as your website claims). Thanks also for applying the pensioner discount (do you need a scan of my card?). All the best for the season and I'll be back with more in the New Year. Peter.?

P Du Cane, Falcon, WA, Australia

A quick note to thank you as we’re really pleased with the quality of films transferred. It certainly brought back a lot of memories as most had not been viewed for 35 plus years and as you’ve already pointed out we will need to review these many times over to get the chronological sequence sorted and will be in touch in mid to late January.

Roger Colomb
National Underwriting

I just received the pictures and they are awesome, thank you. These were taken by my father around 1963-66 and they are great. They will create a great deal of laughter and discussion around the family table. I’ll have more for you to do soon.

Kind regards

G Alford, Bellbird Park, QLD, Australia

My DVDs arrived and I watched the old home movies last night and my life flashed before my eyes !!

Thank you so much and your service is so prompt and professional....

J Thomas, Longreach, QLD, Australia

I meant to email you earlier. My brother and I are so thrilled with the result.
There is a massive difference on the enhanced version. We will be in touch again soon. Will purchase a hard drive to send up (as discussed) and choose the first 1400ft of film.

Kind Regards

G Lucas, Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Thank you for scanning my slides. They arrived this afternoon. The quality is fabulous. A perfect time capsule of our family through the 1960s.

Kind regards

J McGeorge, Camberwell, VIC, Australia

Got them, thanks. Look and sound good! More in due course.


P Du Cane, Falcon, WA, Australia

I have just had a look at our slides that you copied. Spectacular. Just what I hoped for.

I will send along more slides soon.


P Dunn, Dubbo, NSW, Australia

Thank you Andrew, I ended up having a day of watching all of these and very happy with what you had done

Thank you so much for bringing Sid back to life for me

Kind Regards

T Bonanno, Pampoolah, NSW, Australia

Thank you Andrew the dvd is beautiful. You did an amazing job. I'm so happy. Vivian

V Paglialunga, Lake Heights, NSW, Australia

Many thanks for the fine job you did on my slides and video. The parcel arrived on Friday and I have had a lovely time indulging in the nostalgia, and sharing the pictures with my friends.

Kind regards,

M Anderson, Mystery Bay, NSW, Australia

Thank you so much for the fantastic job you did changing my old videos to watchable dvds. They are brilliant!!

Warm Regards

J Shelton, Quinns Rocks, WA, Australia

G’Day Andrew, Just wanted to thank you for a terrific job. My early camera work was a bit shaky and the gear was not good quality out of necessity ... eating and a roof over our heads took precedence. However the later camera was superior and the quality of your transfer was obvious. Thanks again, Alan Fisher

A Fisher, Corlette, NSW, Australia

Thank you very much, Andrew!

There are Melbourne-based companies that do what you do; however, they do not offer the level of service and courtesy you do.

This is much appreciated.

I will be sending you more tapes in the next week.


E Liolios, Malvern East, VIC, Australia

Thanks for the DVD you produced it looks great!!

Can I please get another 2 copies and the editable files on Quicktime (Sorensen) STN


N Courtney, Gherang, VIC, Australia

Thank you very much to you and your team at DVD Infinity, for the wonderful work you have done transferring my Mother's cine films to DVD.

I am looking forward to receiving the DVS (and cine films). Mum is now blind, so I am happy that she was able to see the draft cine films on DVD when she did. My English cousin will love viewing them as well.

I will confirm receipt of the DVDs and cine films when they arrive.


L Schafers, Padbury, WA, Australia

I've just finished viewing all the discs. I'm very pleased with the result. And very pleased that all the Highlight material could be fit on three discs. I particularly like how the still photos are displayed.


J Coleman

Hi Andrew
Just wanted to thank you and your team again.
Sent the dvds to my parents and they were so excited and over joyed by the quality and seeing them again??!
My parents, mum 80 & dad 85, were so happy. It meant alot for them to rekindle the nostalgia!!
Your gift to us (especially my parents) is worth more than all the gold in the world?????????!
Always thanks

G Rampone, Curtin, ACT, Australia

Should mention that we took the dvds to South Africa and they were amazed. We also saw some there that had been converted and they were no where near the quality of yours.
Well done

Pam, East Maitland, NSW

Received this morning. Thank you. The DVD Infinity team is awesome! Be back to you in New Year re major project
Merry Xmas

John M, QLD

A rather belated THANK YOU for the excellent transfer of 5 x 200' and 5 x 50' reels of Standard 8mm movie film to computer files.

Seeing these 1960s films of my family growing up on a farm in South Australia and my Canadian experiences in the early 1970s brought back great memories as I had not seen these films for 40 years ... as my Eumig projector no longer works.

I appreciate receiving both STN and FTF versions of the .avi computer files. The STN version at 25fps is preferred as it is much smoother. The quality of the transfer is most impressive as the movies on my large screen monitor look better than I remember of the projected images of 40 years ago!

Paying for the addition 'enhancement' of the transfer has improved the detail, colour and contrast as has removed most of the dust marks on the film - most impressive!

Thank you again for your assistance and for the excellent job of transfer.

John S, Lake Macquarie, NSW

I received the package today
I have just finished watching both DVD's

Thank you for the wonderful job
I will have no hesitation recommending you to everyone
Kind Regards

Peter K, Shoalhaven, NSW

I have received the CDs and am very happy with the results, thank you so much.

Christine S, Perth, WA

Thanks very much. We have finally viewed all of the videos and are really pleased with the result.
Kind Regards,

Walter D, Bunbury, WA

Package received safely. Good to see what I looked like 50 years ago with less weight and more hair!! Will send further movies in the future. My wife (second) is impressed and wants to see more of what I did in the past. She recons that the money is well spent!!!

Errol B, QLD

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for what you have been able to produce from that flooded wedding tape I sent you. It has come out so fantastic I am almost lost for words!! It has given me happy tears so I cannot wait to be able to give this back to my parents and see their reaction to something they believe to be lost forever. So again thank you so so much, words really can't express how much this means to us.
Kindest Regards,

Leasha B, Ipswich, QLD

Received the DVDs yesterday. Thank you very much, am delighted with the results.

Colina M, Launceston, TAS

We received our DVDs today and have spent a wonderful last few hours watching them.

You have done an outstanding job with all the film we provided and the quality of the DVDs is much better than we expected.

Thank you very much for all your help in making our family history so much more accessible for us.
Please also pass on our sincere thanks to everyone at DVD Infinity who was involved in the project.

Tom and Lin W, Hobart, TAS

Thanks for the DVDs that you converted from Super 8 films. There are lots of memories there and we will enjoy the time watching them.

Ray S, Maitland, NSW

The DVD arrived yesterday. It was a rare moment when all of the family agreed to view the same TV at the same time! We are all delighted with the outcome.
With thanks,

Anthony A, Sydney, NSW

Thank you so much. Our DVDs arrived and we are thrilled with them. I’m sure they will become more precious as the years pass. Our grandchildren are already enjoying seeing themselves when they were little ones.
Kind regards

Ella M, Hunter Region, NSW

I got home, made a coffee and sat down to watch my DVD. Touched and thrilled. Thank you very much.
In the words of a well known person - "I shall be back".

Cynthia K, Sydney, NSW

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for the fabulous job you did on transferring some very old footage over to DVD. My daughter, who turns 21 is over the moon, specially seeing her dad interact with her, the memories are priceless.
Kind regards

Cheryl H, Redland City, QLD

Thank you for your help Andrew.
The end result was excellent; very happy with your service.
Many thanks,

Adam S, Riverina region, NSW

I just want to let you know that we are very happy with what you and your team have produced. I am amazed at the clarity that has come from the enhanced processing.
Kind regards

Ian S, ACT

I can't thank you enough for the wonderful work you put into restoring & transferring my old movies to DVD. After the Xmas/New Year period, I'll forward another order.
Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year,

Jill P, Redland City, QLD

Received my DVD's this morning. Very impressed, excellent quality, well worth the money.
We have had transfers done before, which to be blunt are sh*t when compared to your product.
I will be using DVD Infinity in the future and will certainly be recommending your company to our friends.
Best regards

John S, Melbourne, VIC

Thank you so much. I am thrilled with what you have done.
Kindest regards

Helen, Northern Tablelands, NSW

Just to let you know that I received the order early this week, so thank you so much for your great service.

Jamal B, Sydney, NSW

I recently received back my 8mm film reels which you have transferred to DVD. I am very pleased with the DVD that was produced and glad that I chose your firm for this task.
Thank you

Sonja J, South Coast, NSW

I received my DVD today and wanted to send my thanks. There are snippets of forgotten memories which I shall cherish.
Thank you again and I'm happy to recommend your service to others.

Carol Q, Shellharbour, NSW

I am too old to wish this to appear on "Face Book" or similar. But I do need to thank ALL at DVD Infinity for doing such a great job with my "Bits and Pieces" of thirty years ago. Haven't seen all of it yet . Curious to see ones self so young. Some looks good - some performances awful. I was lucky a friend caught some of these at the right time. Your presentation is excellent.

I particularly want to thank David who went to such trouble to rescue my Beta tape from its mysterious journey via Tasmania to Crows Nest. His diligence is MUCH appreciated.
Regards and thanks

Earle C, Shoalhaven, NSW

I received the slides today. Thanks very much for completing the order in such a short time. I really appreciate it.
Kind regards,

Kym R, Melbourne, VIC

I have finally started to edit the movie files that you converted from my 8mm films.

I am very pleased with the quality of the digital images that you have made from the films that I had.
Thank you for the work and I would have no hesitation in recommending others to you.
Best wishes

John H, Melbourne, VIC

We wanted to convey how pleased we are to have chosen DVD Infinity to transfer our Slides and 8mm Films to DVD. Given some of the material was well over 50 years old, the results exceed all expectation!
With both parents gone now and ourselves of an age, to bring our childhood back to life, particularly the 8mm movies, is a wonderful experience.

To people or families that have old film or slides in their possession I cannot recommend highly enough having them scanned and made viewable again.
DVD Infinity are the people to do it.

Many thanks for your care and attention.

Ross B, Sydney, NSW

Order received and very happy with the result. Thanks for the great service - much appreciated.

John S, ACT

Received the dvd’s thank you very much, brought back some memories we had forgotten.

Cheers Stephen P, South Coast, NSW

Thanks again. The 16 mm film was a real prize. Only known film of my parents and grandparents on holidays in Tasmania in 1955. My mother is the only surviving party and has no recollection of any moving film having been taken as neither my parents not grandparents owned a camera. It may have been taken by footballer Roy Cazale (Up There Cazale..!) as they were staying with him.

Adrian N, Port Macquarie, NSW

I just wanted to pass on my thanks and appreciation for the quality and professional work that you did on scanning our wedding negatives and producing a slideshow. Very happy with the end result and my wife absolutely loved it.
Many Thanks

Peter S, Sydney, NSW

Thank you for the DVD on the memorial service at the POW Camp. Very good work and a great little historical resource for us.

Graham A, Cowra, NSW

I just received my DVD order and wanted to thank you for a great printing job and very good customer service - the DVD's look great!
Many thanks.

Stacey I, threelittlebirdsphotography

I received the DVD, it was a present for my mother’s 80th Birthday. The DVD contained film that was 50+ years old. I just wanted to send a quick note to say how fantastic the DVD was & my Mum just loved it.
Once again thank you for a fantastic job.

Regards … Kelli G, Brisbane Region, QLD

Received my first order back OK. Was happy with the quality of the visuals from the old 8mm film after so many years in storage, and was surprised with the sound track on the middle film, and I still do not know how my brother went about putting it on with-out my knowledge.

The avi files load nicely into my Avid program, so I am completely happy with your work, thank you. I will let you know when I have the next order ready to send.

Regards Les S, Brisbane, QLD

Order has been delivered, impressed with presentation and enhancement.

Thanks Ian B, Goulburn Valley, VIC

Sorry for taking so long to acknowledge receipt of the films and DVDs that you converted for me prior to Christmas. They arrived safely and we spent quite a few hours reminiscing over them in the holiday break. The reproductions were excellent.
Many thanks

Mary B, Sydney, NSW

It has taken a while but I have just watched your AVI conversion of my old, mouldy VHS tape. What a great job you have done. I am most impressed and will be sending some more tapes to you in the New Year.
Thank you very much.

Randy W, Thredbo, NSW

Have received the DVD and very pleased with the quality. Thank you so much.
We will be sorting out a few more reels in the new year to send for you to put on to DVD.

We plan to have a great time at Christmas showing our DVD to our family - they haven't seen them since they were kids.
Hope you have a very happy Christmas and New Year,

Kind regards - Meredith & David C, Wimmera, VIC

Many thanks David for the wonderful job you did on my 8mm films. I shed a few tears as my marriage collapsed about a year after these were done after 16 years.
Many thanks and I will promote your work whenever I get the opportunity.

Helen H, VIC

I have just received the DVD’s and am looking forward to viewing it tonight.
While I have forgotten much of what they probably contain, what you chose for the cover was amazing.
It is a photo of my young son arm in arm with his friend. His friend was killed 4 or 5 years later. Very touching indeed.
Kind regards.

Faye F, Riverina, NSW

I have now had time to play our new DVD & we are very pleased with the results. You have done a great job of the colour enhancement in particular; a couple of sections which I expected to be too dark to identify people, are now so much clearer.
Thank you too for completing the task in good time.

Eileen S, Melbourne, VIC

DVD's and film arrived safely in Melbourne - delighted with quality, thank you.

Ken R, Sapphire Coast, NSW

Just thought I would drop you a courtesy note.
The conversion you did was great.

The subject, being my parents wedding in 1958, was of enormous interest to literally dozens of family members. 50% of the people in the wedding are still alive or are children of those in it.
I have put it on facebook and it has caused a sensation!

Thank you for doing a great job!

Mark E, Sydney, NSW

Received dvd,s thank you very much, very happy with your compilation, you have done a great job, saved me a lot of headaches and preserved a few memories,

thank you once again Brendan D, Melbourne, VIC

I received my DVD today and I can't tell you enough how impressed I am! It turned out even more perfect than I ever imagined. Thank you so so much. The edits were absolutely incredible, how you cut scenes out but made it so the music still blended beautifully. I will not hesitate to recommend your company to my family and friends and keep up the awesome work!
Kind regards,

Carol V, Sydney, NSW

thank you very much for the excellent Job on the film it is great to see we still have Professional people in this country , hope to do business again ,

Many thanks Jamie, Sydney, NSW

Thanks very much for the job you did for me. I am very happy with the result. Looking now through my other 8mm films, I feel that I might forward to your office in the near future one or two additional films for transfer to DVD.
Thanks again

Hans B, Hobart, TAS

Received our DVD yesterday and can I take this opportunity to thank you very much. We didnt expect that very much would have been recoverable. Words cannot describe the happiness my mother experienced watching her Memories.

Best regards Sue J, Mornington Peninsula, VIC

I would just like to express my satisfaction with the DVD you made from film. Just received it yesterday and watched last night,I thought watching it on a 55 inch TV might be a disappointment by enlarging it too much but my wife and I thought it was terrific. Being a 34 year old film and standard 8mm I did not expect too much but you definitely lived up to your website claims. The background music supplied by the engineer was very appropriate. It really brought back fabulous memories,was worth every cent,we thank you very much.

Ray & Sandra W, Sydney, NSW

I was writing to your company to say that we received your package yesterday and we want to thank you for the great service and to say how pleased we are that the more than 30 year old film done on a super 8 with one button (stop and go) has come out so much better than we had ever hoped. My youngest daughter ( a baby in the film) has an 11 year old daughter and both are excited about coming home to see the dvd's, my other two daughters are also coming for a visit next month with their children so we will have some fun looking back all these years.

Thanks so much and we would recommend you highly. Success with your business.
Kind regards

Linda and Roy H, QLD

Thanks for the great job on our films. They are certainly bring back many great memories and some of friends can not see their departed loved ones and are almost brings them to tears. Needless to say we are busy making copies from them . Once again, thanks for the really great job that you have done with our films.

Helen and Ron T, Sunshine Coast, QLD

Just received the Footage and have been looking through.
thank you very much the family is really going to enjoy watching these priceless memories back.

Shaq A

It is with much pleasure that we thank you for the recent DVD we received.

It will continue to give many hours of joy to us and future generations.
With sincere thanks and gratitude.

David & Pat T, Perth, WA

The cd arrived today. I am extremely impressed with the quality. It was much better than I had anticipated, considering how bad the cassette quality was.
Sincere thanks

Peter F, Sydney, NSW

Have received our DVD and watched some wonderful memories from over 40 years ago. Please pass on our thanks and appreciation to all concerned in retrieving these films and making them accessible to us again.
Well and truly worth the money,

Dorothy, Hobart, TAS

Thanks so much for that. I received the package back so quickly, it was such an easy process dealing with DVD Infinity.
Thanks again :)

Zarina F, Brisbane, QLD

Thanks for that. I am really thrilled with the end product.
I’ll be using your services again soon with our super 8 movies for conversion.

Cheryl S, Nambucca Shire, NSW

Just a word of thanks for the excellent job you did on the transfer of the old 8mm film to DVD, IDE external drive and VHS. These were excellent and I am very happy with the quality.

HRH Crown Prince Tupouto'a, Tonga

Amazing work you guys have done..Thanks a million.....
Hi guys..Just got my DVD /DV Tapes Am running the DVD on a $49 new DVD player onto a 16:9 Samsung LCD screen..Un-beleivable! You are right..I have never seen my "footage" (meterage does'nt sound right does it?) look so brilliant, after all,it is 42 or so years old. I rang our local Mac shop in Rockhampton (getting a new iMac 20" dual chip Intel™) to get Trisha to put your site address in her book of clues..Also expect a guy "Sully" ... or his daughter to contact you to get a heap of old 8mm film done..I will contact him to let him know how happy I am with your work..

I have a 42" Panasonic Plasma "Monitor" (not TV) coming..Imagine how it will look on that..Will send more film next week..

My mate owns the ... Museum ..He also has old film..Will let him know of you guys when he is back from the States..

Ripper! Keep up the great work..Saving "old" Australia..Regards & thanks "Once history is lost,it is history

Brian, Emerald, QLD

video received. Your transfer quality is unbelievable !

Many thanks,

Mike, South Africa

The DVDs were received yesterday, for which many thanks. I had the same film transferred by two top labs in the UK and your quality was by far the best. I will be sending the rest of my films to you, as well as transferring funds.

Edgar, UK

Thank you for the excellent job you did in transferring our old family 8mm home movies to DVD. The quality of the DVD playbacks of the old 8mm films was a pleasant surprise with obvious improvement to the image quality.

The movies dated back to 1948 and some were not in very good condition due to projection crimping and sixty years of storage. Further to this, some of the film that was badly exposed and not very presentable with the movie projector, you have greatly improved on the DVD.

We also appreciate the way you have presented the DVD discs with colourful case and disc labels with scenes from the respective films for more ready identification. The further multiple scene selections on the back of the DVD cases and on the TV image gave a professional touch to the screen as does the appropriate musical background to the introduction. I also found your phone communication with me very friendly and helpful when sending the movies to you. All in all, very good work and I would recommend anyone wanting 8mm home movie films converted to DVD to contact DVD Infinity.

Yours faithfully
JR Long
Auckland, New Zealand

This note is long overdue but I wanted to send you an unsolicited compliment on your handling of the Super-8 film that I sent you late last year. You may recall that I requested that you make two DVDs for me and that the original material was a collection of very amateur family clips.

The disks that you sent me were, as you promised, very clear and far more steady than I expected. One segment in particular I remember as washed-out, rather jumpy footage of my paternal grandmother who died twenty years ago. Last Christmas, at our family gathering, I was able to show the film to my father (it brought back a lot of memories for him) and my extended family. My youngest brother had no recollections of her and neither my daughter nor any of her cousins had ever seen more than one or two old photographs of her.

For that privilege alone I thank you ... but the quality of your work and the service you provided were superb! Everything from the simple but stylish presentation in the case to the photo on the disks to the menu system were very appropriate to the subject matter.

I might add that I have spoken to a number of people about your service and have referred one directly to you.

Thank you very much!
Graeme, Bomaderry NSW, Australia

We wanted to convey how pleased we are to have chosen DVD Infinity to transfer our Slides and 8mm Films to DVD. Given some of the material was well over 50 years old, the results exceed all expectation!
With both parents gone now and ourselves of an age, to bring our childhood back to life, particularly the 8mm movies, is a wonderful experience.
To people or families that have old film or slides in their possession I cannot recommend highly enough having them scanned and made viewable again.
DVD Infinity are the people to do it.
Many thanks for your care and attention.

Ross, West Pymble NSW, Australia

My family and I have just received and watched our DVD`s produced by DVD Infinity from 20 year old HI8 tapes. The whole family laughed and cried as distant memories were there to watch again. I am so happy and totally impressed with the quality and professionalism of DVD Infinity. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending DVD Infinity, and in fact will go out of my way to do so.

Once again thank you to the DVD Infinity team.

Mick, Ashtonfield NSW, Australia

Hi David, received my DVD's this morning. Very impressed, excellent quality, well worth the money.

We have had transfers done before, which to be blunt are shit when compared to your product.

I will be using DVD Infinity in the future and will certainly be recommending your company to our friends.

Best regards
John, Coldstream VIC

I apologise David, I had been unable to see the postal card in the place they left it.
I have just watched the DVD and am blown away.
I had previously had another film transferred by ... After 3 months of being treated like an idiot, I finally got the DVD which looked like it had been thrown together in quick time (for not much less cost).
I am amazed at the sharpness and colour of the job you have done, and would have to say the whole thing right down to the cover is pretty much flawless. Staff have been prompt with any inquiries, it has been very professional.
I would like to thank the technicians & staff, I would definitely recommend your company to others, & will be looking at having the other films re-done by you sometime down the track, the quality is that much better.

Hoping you have a nice Xmas,
Pete, Corio, Victoria, Australia

I am writing this message in case I am unable to contact you on the phone.

I wish to thank you very much for undertaking this project for me and to congratulate you and/or your co-workers for the excellence of the finished products, both DVD and digital copies. The final DVD greatly exceeded my expectations, given the age (33 years) of the original super-8 films and the fact that they had been stored in far from optimal conditions. I am most grateful and will certainly spread the word about your excellent service.

The films of the three schools in Bougainville in the 70s will be a most valuable asset for our Marist Australian Province archives as well as bringing much pleasure and many memories to those men, still living, who worked there and who appear in the films.

Once again, my most sincere thanks.

Best wishes,
Daniel, Campbelltown, NSW

My apologies that it has taken me so long to get back to you again.

I picked up the discs of my converted home movies a couple of weeks ago, and I just have to say that I was totally astounded at the quality which was achieved in the conversion process. These were home movies which are more than 50 years old, but we are now seeing details which we had never noticed before. Really!

David at Crows Nest was so helpful in advising us on the best options, and your technician ... and his machine are an awesome combination.

We would like to say a truly heartfelt "Thank You" to you and all your team.

Best regards,
John, Burleigh Waters, QLD

I just wanted to let you know that the DVD’s arrived safe and sound today. We have had a quick look at the first couple and could not be happier with the job you have done. Thank you so much from all of us for so professionally preserving this significant chunk of our family history.

Once we have had a chance to go through the lot we will get back to you regarding those that we would like multiple copies of.

Mike, Hawthorn, Vic, Australia

We have just been looking at the footage DVD Infinity digitized for the school. I just want to thank you for your help with all of this, particularly so strongly recommending the enhancements. We can't believe the difference it made to the look of the film - it is just lovely. We are all very excited about it!

Many thanks,

The DVD arrived today. It is fantastic! The cover art of my Dad in his yellow dress turned out really well. I'll get my parents over this weekend and we can enjoy them together. I am really pleased with the video quality and the production quality of the DVD presentation in software and the cover art. Well done! I am also very impressed that there are images that we have not seen before, specifically just before my Dad in yellow is a 5 second leader that we had not been able to view using the projector but shows some long lost family friends! And the ability to pause without burning film is invaluable.

Just so you know, I intend to review the films (now that they are easier to view on DVD!) so I can sort chronologically them this weekend, I am hoping to provide you a new play sequence and re-order a number of copies. As you previously mentioned, I need to do this in the next month or less before you 'archive' the footage.

Norton, The Basin, Victoria, Australia

I have now had a chance to look at some of the DVD's you made for us and I want to let you know that we are very pleased with the results! Actually the quality is better then we have ever seen it, projected directly from film.
Great job, thanks a lot. And the covers are great.

Franz, Hawthorndene, SA, Australia

I am delighted with the treatment of my last batch of films.

Could you please so the same magic with the accompanying four reels...

Please contact me ... when these are ready. I will then arrange payment and dig up some more for you to work wonders with.

John, Glen Huntly, Victoria, Australia

Just to let you know we received the DVDs. safe 'n' sound We've had a quick look and we're thrilled with the result. Thank you for arranging and presenting the DVDs so sensitively. It will be great for all the family to reflect over them, when we're all together Boxing Day.

Marg, Camberwell, Victoria, Australia

Received the DVD to-day.... Bloody well done. Thank you. It has made my year.

Mark, Tungamull, QLD, Australia

Received the reels and the hdd a couple of weeks ago, I’ve finally watched all the footage and I’m amazed at the quality! It’s better than I expected, you really did a great job with the conversion and I’m extremely happy!! I won’t hesitate to recommend you to others, the difference between you and the competition is worth the investment!

Much appreciated

Jeff, Huntingdon, Victoria, Australia

Thank you VERY much for the excellent job you did in transferring my slides into a slide show.

The colour rendition is terrific and it is clear that you put a great deal of attention into the detail. Those slides are important to me and you have transferred them into a format which brings them out and enhances them. As a result the slides are much more enjoyable and meaningful to look at.

thank you again
Judith, Bondi, NSW, Australia

Just received my DVD order and I must say that I am extremely impressed with the results.
The pictures are very clear & well exposed and streets ahead of the original film & poor tape copies that I have had made in the past.
The presentation cases and chapter layout is very professional.
My friends will be very happy to receive a copy of this DVD.
I have another reel of old steam enthusiast films which I will send up for similar treatment.
I'll have no hesitation in recommending your services to any of my friends & colleagues.

Thanks again.
Peter, Knoxville, Victoria, Australia

You recently transferred some sixty year old standard 8mm movie to MiniDV for me. I have just viewed the DVD I have had made from that and am amazed and delighted at the result. The colour and clarity have been enhanced and there is a new freshness to the images. From the master MiniDV I will now able to create a DVD which will include commentary, music and new titles; adding a new dimension to these precious images from so long ago. Thank you for doing a great job.

Wally, Eagle Point, Victoria, Australia

Many thanks for the conversion job you did on my old super8 film. The digitising is certainly better than I could ever have hoped. As my old Granny used to say, "You can't make a silk purse from a sow's ear", but you surely came close. Both the DVD and the Minidv conversions were well worthwhile. I am now having fun mastering the film editing software that came with my new Sony Handycam. Friends of mine will be in contact with you soon, if not already, to have you work on their movies.
Great job.
Many thanks.

John, Spearwood, WA, Australia

May I take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for the sterling work you performed with my family's precious old standard 8 home movies. The DVD you created is destined to become a priceless heirloom, and will bring much joy, happiness and memories to my siblings and I. Thank you most warmly.

Gerry, Caloundra, QLD, Australia

A quick note of thanks for a gift for my partners 30th birthday and was played as a surprise at the party. It was a huge success and a great deal of positive feedback was received from friends and family.
I would like to thank you and your team for the professional service and work that was carried out.
I sincerely appreciate all your help and hope to forward further business your way in the future. Thanks Again

Tamara, Eschol Park

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with the DVD I had copied from a mini dv tape that had juice spilt on it.

Thanks heaps!! I didn't end up losing any video from my holiday. Its great!!

Susan, Sherwood, QLD, Australia

Just a quick note to say thank you for the wonderful service your company has provided me re my SUPER 8 Film Transfer - Looks FANTASTIC !!!!

The best possible result - amazing how much damage projectors do the film but now its Vibrant and colorful again thanks to DVD Infinity .

Its going to be a great Xmas Gift with so many happy memories for approx 50 people

Thanks once again - Will highly recommend your services and now pursue my other film reels.

Joe, Essendon, Victoria, Australia

Thank you so much for completing my recent film conversion. Whilst I certainly appreciate the finished product, equally important to me has been the prompt, reliable and courteous way with which you conduct your business. It is a pleasure to engage with a company who responds so immediately via e-mail and in such a personall and personable manner. Many other businesses to day could take note.

Brian, Bendigo, Victoria, Australia

I have seen one of the 2 DVDs of my movies and I am pleased with the result which live up to your advertising.

Thank you for the work which will give my family much pleasure over the coming years.

Bob, Bega, NSW, Australia

Just to let you know that everything turned up OK and that we are very happy with the results......you have managed to make some silk purses out of sows ears....

Thanks again
Rick, MacGregor, ACT, Australia

Having used DVD Infinity in the past I guess I shouldn't have been surprised by the quality of the latest transfers, but I was. How incredible! My grandfather's footage of his grandchildren is over 60 years old. The reproduction was exceptionally clear, the colour crisp and the presentation . . . well what can I say? I have watched he DVD over and over and I'm sure my siblings will be over joyed when they receive their copy for Christmas. Thank you. It is good to know that in this era of slap dash, DVD Infinity is committed to nothing less than top quality.

Kind regards
Kathy, Cessnock, NSW

Today, I collected from our local post office the 3 DVDs that your company produced for me from an 8mm cinefilm taken of our wedding (which was 39 years ago!).

Due to an oversight by an Australia Post contractor, I received notice to collect the package only today – ten days after the package was received by our local post office. Therefore, we did not view the DVD until this evening.

My wife and I want you to know that we are very impressed with the quality that you have achieved from an old amateur cinefilm (though it was shot by someone who at the time was an ABC film cameraman) and would like to thank you for the care and attention you have given to our order.

We will certainly recommend your company to any of our friends who seek similarly high quality results.

Congratulations, and thanks again.

Peter, Kambah, ACT, Australia

I had intended sending you this email well before now, but it somehow got deferred with more pressing things to attend to.

DVD Infinity recently digitised 5 spools (3 x 7" spools, and 2 x 5" spools…) of old Super 8 and Std 8 movie films that I had in my archives. As I had indicated to you previously, many years ago I had these films transferred to VHS tape but I was never particularly enthralled by the end result. The resulting VHS tapes were later digitised by me a couple of years later, but I am sure you can imagine that the results were not all that inspiring.

I had resigned myself to the fact that I would never see a better quality version of those old films and the entire issue had therefore been despatched to boxes of old archives, and to the deep recesses of my mind. Until…

In July this year I happened to see a TV advertisement of yours here in Melbourne one afternoon which somehow attracted my attention. It caused me to re-consider whether or not I would go through the process of migration again. Even though I was assured otherwise by yourselves, I was still somewhat fearful that I would end up with poor-quality digital video again. The fact that you claimed to digitise frame-by-frame sounded attractive (I do have 40 years computer technology experience, and have been a hobby videographer for some 30 years, so do understand more than a little about digital computing and digital video…), but given that I had been assured of a good quality result many years ago by the earlier company, I was still somewhat hesitant.

However, I decided to go ahead and invest in another conversion attempt with DVD Infinity.

Firstly, let me say that I fully recognise that we have become so blasé in recent years with High Definition video from today's HD video cameras, that we tend to forget how poor (by comparison) the results achieved from home movie (film) cameras of 35-40 years ago. Yet in their day, such home movie photography was seen as somewhat amazing, and quite good quality. So I was certainly not expecting some magical conversion that would give me the equivalent of today's HD video.

HOWEVER, I was never-the-less very pleasantly surprised with the result which was achieved… far better than I had expected. I wish to acknowledge the great result that was achieved in the resulting AVI files supplied to me on four DVD disks.

I have since edited the resulting video into more usable edited DVD's… the ONLY correction that I needed to undertaker in terms of editing was to slow down the digital video… given the films were recorded at 18 frames-per-second, whereas digital video is 25 fps. So obviously all movement looked somewhat silly because of the increased speed. But by slowing down to the equivalent "real life" speed appears to have lost no resolution and (strangely) not not even seemed to have introduced any kind of video "flicker" because of the slower speed. My video editing software (Avid Studio) seems to have taken that in its stride.

So… many thanks for a great job. I would very happily recommend your services to anyone else who might be wanting to migrate old Super 8 or Standard 8 movie film. Based on my experience, I am sure they will be extremely happy with the results.

Allan, Brighton East, Victoria, Australia

I will have no hesitation in recommending your company to anybody that asks.
Thanks again.

Eric, Ontario, Canada

We just loved your work on the DVD – it far exceed our expectations – thank you.

We intend to send you more films in the new year.

Until then, are you able to make us any copies of the DVD complete with covers like you did for the original?

We need 4 copies.

Please let me know if I need to post the originals back to you or if you have a copy of them up there.

Many thanks,

Melinda, Canberra, ACT

I just received my tape and wanted to say thanks for the excellent job you have done with my super 8 footage.
It looks better than i could have imagined.
I have a few more reels that will be coming your way shortly.
Could you please supply me job sheet so i can get them off to you as soon as they are ready.

Thanks again, you truly made my day.

Chris, Prahran, Victoria, Australia

The transfer you have done is magnificent given material that is 45 years old.

David, East Brighton, Victoria, Australia

Just wanted to drop you a quick line to tell you how impressed I was with your service. I was apprehensive at first as I have never done anything like this over the net before. I was very glad to have my fears allied when your package arrived. Thanks for your prompt service and the DVD's are great. I have already highly recommended you to family and friends and will continue to do so.

So thank you once again

Mandy, Boronia Heights, QLD, Australia

We just wanted to thank you again, this time in writing, for the very professional and high quality work and service you provided in transferring our very special cine-film memories onto DVD.
Our whole family has gained much enjoyment from watching the results of all your work and all are very impressed with the quality and presentation of the material.
We very much appreciate your dedication and excellent personal service and know that these qualities will further your good reputation!
We will be happy to recommend you to others seeking advice in your field of expertise.

Thank you again.

All the very best
Julie and Brett, Killara NSW, Australia

I received my DVD today. It is brilliant and everything you said it would be and more. I only wish my husbands' early filming was equal to the work you do. You will be hearing from me in future and also hearing from my friends. I spoke to a friend over from Scotland who was interested also. I gave him your details. Thanks again and I look forward to my children and my brother's children enjoying the DVD.

Karen, Ringwood, Victoria, Australia

I received the shipment of my first order to DVD Infinity, yesterday, April 13, 2004.
Because of the premium costs involved, I was expecting something special in terms of quality. Bruce, I was not disappointed! You and your people have met, and in some cases exceeded, our expectations. My wife and I are thankful that we have been able to salvage a record of our family to pass along to our grandchildren, and perhaps, to their children. I've seen some examples of transfers of film to DVD in the States, and they don't come close to the resolution and clarity of the original film that you were able to achieve. The artwork on the covers and the labels was outstanding. I know this doesn't happen by accident, but is the product of a standard for quality that you and your people are determined to maintain. Keep up the good work and you will always stand out among the hundreds of vendors who claim to provide the same service...

I hope to have a second order ready to send you in a couple of days. I had continued to edit 8mm film, while I was waiting for you to complete the first order, hoping that I would be favorably impressed with your work. My second order will be about the same size as the first, i.e., three reels of approximately 400 ft. each of 8mm silent film. As in the case of the first order, a cover letter with a detailed listing of scenes, will accompany the second order. I request that you apply whatever credit I have remaining from the first order to the cost of the second order. I will email you a note when this order is mailed...

Rufus, Arizona, USA

We would like to take this time to thank you for a job well done, we presented the DVD at Christmas time when most of the familly was here and everybody was impressed by the quality obtained from a 8mm film.

Thanks again
Julie, Quebec, Canada

Terrific job, very pleased, top, top, top. I'm going to recommend you to my ex-wife she has about 2,500 feet of 8 mm film from 1958 Africa.

Ron, New Orleans, USA

Thank you for the completed Thaipusam Film to DVD transfer (2 copies) which were delivered today. I have seen the results twice and was very impressed with the quality, especially the recorded sound from the small magnetic stripe on the side of the film.
I am now trying to find a seller of a film editor in good working condition so that I can sift thru the masses of film I have to decide which portions to convert to DVD...
Best wishes and thank you for a job well done.

Harold, Singapore

The DVD's arrived on Tuesday (28 Feb). The conversion to DVD seems to have gone very well indeed! I am very impressed with what you have been able to do with a very old piece of film. My brother (one of the actors) is going to be really be surprised when he sees the results of your work.

Thanks for all your flexibility in satisfying my various requirements.

Steve, ACT, Australia

Hi There, I recently sent you some 8mm film to be converted to DV tape and DVD....I just got it back and I am very happy with the results you achieved..The DVD seems a lot brighter and clearer than watching the original film with the projector..Thanks for doing such an excellent job...

Richard, Bajool, QLD, Australia

Just letting you know that the DVD for Bev & Lindsay ... & Family arrived yesterday. What a surprise to have a beautiful cover with some of the family pictures on it - you even picked the correct family members!! You have copied the super 8 movies fantastically & it will always be something that we & our family will treasure. Thanks for a job well done.

Bev & Lindsay, Victoria, Australia

Picked up the movies this afternoon. Thanks so much for doing such a brilliant job. Couldn’t be happier.

Andrew, Mont Albert, Victoria, Australia

Job is fantastic. 100 % timing. Thankyou.
Have let many down here know of your professional service!!!
The big event is this weekend.

Catherine and John, Junee, NSW, Australia

I just received the video. Its quality is fantastic, and the turn around time was so speedy, I am in awe. I am recommending your service to the students in my making better home videos class and to all my friends who have old films. Thank you very much.

I will now take a look at my super 8 film, and if merited, I will send that in as well.

Dan, Illinois, USA

I just wanted to let you know that we received the DVD's and watched it last night. Thank you so much for the great work, they are fabulous and well worth the expense. If you would like a testimonial from me I would be more than happy to give one.

Kristine, New Jersey, USA

Just wanted to thank you for the great work you did, transferring my Super 8 films onto HD. I managed to copy them onto my Mac without mishap and they look fantastic. I'm sure my family will be rapt when they see the final result!

Thanks again for a job well done,

Monika, Victoria

I received the DVDs this morning. I had a quick preview before taking one set to my brother. The timing was perfect.
I have viewed more of the DVDs this afternoon and I am very pleased with the quality on the DVDs and the presentation.
The results exceed my expectations and confirm all the comments I read ...
Thank you very much for preserving our treasured memories to share with our families.
I highly recommend your service.

Susan, Chipping Norton, NSW

Received the package this afternoon. I'm still in tears of happiness. What a great job you did. Your music selection and scene selection is PERFECT!!! You have no idea how great it is to see on DVD loved ones that past away many years ago. Many scenes were not visible via projector. I am already telling people how satisfied I am with your service and hope to send you referrals. I had no idea that you would have this done so quickly. My parents are going to love this for Christmas. THANK YOU once again from the bottom of my heart.

Mike, Atlanta, USA

I want to thank you for your professional services and for producing a fine product in a timely fashion. I look forward to doing future business with you again.

Denice, California USA

Got the package today. Many thanks for a job well done. The quality is excellent.

Neil, Hong Kong

hi there, I have received and watched the DVDs and love them. thank you sooo much. the quality is great, I am really impressed. I will have no hesitation recommending the service to others. great work thank you

Erin, New Zealand

Thank you for transferring my Super8 movies to DVD, I am absolutely delighted with the results!!!

I now need 3 additional copies for family members. ...

Frank, South Australia

Thanks again for your incredible service yesterday. It was really appreciated.

Kate, Cromer NSW, Australia

I have just returned from overseas and now have had my first chance to look at the videos of the standard and super 8's that you did for me. The results are spectacular. In your publicity blurb you said that the quality can be even better than the projected film. Well I can most certainly endorse that.

Thanks for doing such a grand job.

Best regards
John, Rye VIC, Australia

I've received the films and DVD back and I just wanted to thank you for the amazing quality of the conversion. Not having seen the films for years I wasn't sure how the conversion would turn out, but the result is outstanding!

Many thanks for your work!

Kind regards
Chris, Port Melbourne, VIC, Australia

I have only just had the chance to look at some of the mini DV tapes you produced and I am very pleased with the quality of your conversion of my original 8mm movies. At some point I will send you some more 8mm films to convert but at this stage just wanted to acknowledge receipt of first batch and compliment you on the high quality.

Barry, Forest Lake, QLD, Australia

Hello, a few weeks back I brought in a vast amount of 8 mm film from my teens forward and sight unseen asked you to place them on DVDs. I collected them last week and still ploughing through but I am delighted with the result and the overall presentation. Your techs instinctive ability to pull out just the right shot for the covers and the very smart intro helped to lift a few hours of silent film. For me it brought back a mass of happy memories and its nice to know they are fairly safe and static for the future generation.

Thanks again

Adrian, Wahroonga, NSW, Australia

Thank you so much for the top job you did on my family slides. It was wonderful to see them in a modern format. I know my brothers and sisters will really enjoy them.

In the new year I will organise myself to send you some super 8 films to put onto DVDs.

I am over the moon with the job. Thank you.

Kathy, Taree NSW, Australia

Firstly my apologies for not writing to you any sooner. The package arrived a couple of weeks ago and was way above expectations...thank you for doing such an excellent job with what was probably challenging material.

I sent a copy of the DVD to my mother in the UK...you'll be thrilled to hear that it brought her to tears!! Fond memories for us all...thanks.

Marek, Hawthorn East, Victoria, Australia

I just wanted to thank you for the great job you did in converting our 8mm film to DVD for us. We're really happy with the results. It's so much easier to view the footage now and rediscover some old family memories.

Thanks again.

Michelle, Hampton East, Victoria, Australia

In November I had approximately 200 slides (mostly of my time as a National Serviceman in the Vietnam war) converted to digital format.

I have to say that the quality of the work was outstanding and exceeded my expectations. Where slides were dark or mouldy they have been lightened or mould removed. In many cases the digitised photos were is better and revealed more detail than the original slide.

I am extremely pleased with the result, and recently showed them to a couple of old friends who were with me in my unit in Vietnam during 1970 , and who have not yet digitised their slides...but that is about to change! One lives in Perth and the other in Cremorne, and both should soon be contacting you in the New Year.

I will be reviewing the remainder of my old slides collection and old black and white photos early in the New Year with the intent of having you also digitise them.

Again, many thanks for a great job done.

Richard, Killarney Heights, NSW, Australia

Thanks so much for your fabulous service today - we've spent the last hour laughing and reliving our wedding day and I will highly recommend your service to our friends.

Tracey, Willougby, NSW, Australia