Video to DVD/Bluray/USB/Hard Drive/MP4/AVI/MOV

Our Video to DVD, Bluray, USB & Hard Drive Packages are much more than just transferring your video to disc
At every step in the process, we ensure that we have THE absolute highest quality. We use:
•full tape baking, repair and cleaning facilities
•well serviced, low mileage, highest quality broadcast transfer equipment
•highest quality broadcast optimisation equipment
•highest quality Hollywood grade compression and optimise your compression to the nearest minute
•highest quality commercial disc printers
•highest quality media rated to 100 years
•highest quality paper and plastic components
•highest quality hi fidelity commercial cables
•well trained specialists that look after specific areas of the process
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   Betamax/Betacord/Betamovie/Beta Hifi/Beta
   8mm Video
   EIAJ/CV/CV Skip
   Akai 1/4"/Funai 1/4"
   HDD Camera
   Mobile Phone Video
   Digital Camera
   Camcorder Tape
   Digitise Video
   4K Video to Bluray/DVD
   Video Restoration
   Video Editing
Infinite possibilities

Absolute Highest Quality

For each of the formats we transfer we have a variety of decks to choose from. For VHS for example, we have over 30 different professional decks (rather than the single consumer deck you may find elsewhere). Also, depending on the tape brand, condition and the camera that it was recorded in, one deck will provide better results over another. We will use the best deck for your tape. Hence, you end up with a better result.

Right Equipment for your Videotape

DVD Infinity were the first company in Australia to provide professional consumer and corporate video to DVD transfers and later video to Bluray disc. When we started the business, we had to import the equipment, explain what a DVD was and sell our own players. Since then, we have transferred enough video tape that if unravelled and placed one after the other would stretch around the circumference of the Earth.

For you, this means more experience than any other company and a better quality result.

Most Experience in Video to DVD & Bluray

We transfer more different video tape formats than any other company in Australia including:
•VHS, VHS-C, S-VHS, SVHS, SVHS-C (aka VCR - what most people mean when they say video),
•Digital8, Hi8, Video8,
•Beta (aka Betamax, Betamax HiFi, Betacord, Betamovie, Beta Hifi),
•miniDV (aka DV, MiniDV and DVC), DVCam, HDV,
•microMV, HDD cameras (including JVC Everio, etc), Memory Cards (SD Cards, Compact Flash, etc)
•AVCHD, Mobile Phone Video, Camcorder tapes,
•U-matic (Lo, Hi & SP), 1 inch, 2 inch, EIAJ 1, EIAJ 2, CV, CV Skip, Shibaden, N1700, Quarter Inch Video,
•Betacam SP, SX, IMX, Digital Betacam,
•DVCPro 25/50/100, XDCam, XDCAM HD, P2, D1, D2, D5,
•DVD-Video, miniDVD, Laserdisc, SVCD, VCD,
•Any other video format

We also support all foreign and domestic video standards transfer and standards conversions. We can transfer footage from PAL/NTSC/SECAM/MESECAM to PAL/NTSC and transfer footage in both 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratio

More Video Formats Transferred

Over 90% of consumer video has blanks, static and gaps as well as areas where the camera cap has been left on, or the camera has been facing the ground. This appears throughout the video. We eliminate it to provide a substantially better quality result.

We cut blanks, static and areas where the camera cap was left on, or the camera was facing the ground. By cutting out the bits that absolutely nobody wants, the viewing experience is substantially enhanced. We add event chapter points (eg. where the footage changes from a children's birthday to a ski trip) for easy searching. We pay attention to ensure that tapes spanning multiple discs do not cut mid event (ie in the middle of children blowing out birthday candles or a couple taking their wedding vows). We create a high quality personalised disc and cover with a title of your choice. Something that you will want to pass down from one generation to the next. You can transfer multiple tapes per disc if desired. You benefit by having something you will want to watch again and again.

You can even design your own artwork (to our specifications) and for a minimal extra cost we can print up a disc and cover that will be at the same quality as one you find in Blockbuster or Video Ezy.

Not just a Transfer Mill - Your VideoTransferred Properly

We transfer your Video to DVD, Bluray, USB hard drives, flash drives, SD cards, Compact Flash and any other modern media. However, optical disc (including Bluray) still provides best options for preservation.

 We output to almost any file format including AVI, MOV, MP4 and many others.

We Transfer Video to All Modern Media

We have convenient locations around Sydney with easy access from Central Coast, Illawarra and Canberra. If you are flying in from interstate or overseas, we have an office with easy rail access from Sydney airport. Whilst, we have had customers drive from Perth and ride a motorcycle from Brisbane, and take planes from all around the world to come and see us, this is not necessary.

We also provide fully tracked and signed for delivery on all orders we send and in over 15 years have never had any lost or damaged.

Convenient Video Transfer Service

With tens of thousands of happy customers in over 40 countries, people from all around the world trust DVD Infinity more than any other Australian company, to provide absolute highest quality results in digital recovery, transfer, restoration and preservation of film, video, images and audio, and we never let them down. See also our Testimonial Page.

People Trust DVD Infinity

Why shouldn’t I just use one of those video converters or recorders or another company to transfer my video footage?

DVD Infinity don't just copy video tapes to disc. There are a number of differences between our video to disc transfer and other methods of transferring your video footage.

  1. We use Broadcast Playback and Optimisation Equipment which means
    1. Better transport mechanisms result in higher quality video signal
    2. Images picked up better, especially on poor quality video
    3. No lost images due to dropouts
    4. Images stabilised
    5. Noise reduction techniques employed
    6. Removal of wiggling, rippling effect on older videos
    7. Reduction of snowy effect from degrading video signal
    8. Correction of colour shift on degrading video
    9. Cleans up dirty signals on worn video
    10. No damage to your video tapes

  1. We select the best deck for your tapes
  2.    a. We have many different decks. Depending on the brand of tape & original recording device, the way it was recorded and the state of the tape, one deck may play your tape better than others. We use the best deck for your tape.

  1. We use Broadcast Quality analogue to digital conversion which means
    1. Better quality algorithm results in a better quality video signal

  1. We remove footage absolutely nobody wants
    1. Removal of blanks and static
    2. Removal of where camera cap was left on
    3. Removal of where camera is facing the ground for long periods

  1. We add event chapter markers
  2.    a. Adding bookmarks at each change of event rather than every X minutes, a set number per disc or not at all.

  1. We use Hollywood grade compression and that means
    1. Truer Colours - poorer compression results in lost colour
    2. Truer Lighting and contrast – poorer compression results in lost contrast and lighting
    3. Better images in panning and zooming – poorer compression results is freezing, jagged edges, ghosting

  1. We use highest quality professional thermal printers and professional designs
    1. Providing a professional finish on your discs and covers - lower quality varnished inkjet prints lead to cracked discs later on

  1. We are experts at tape recovery and can rescue the contents of tapes that have the following issues:
    1. Broken, twisted or snapped video tapes
    2. Sticky tapes where the binding is coming off
    3. Smoke or heat effected tapes
    4. Video tapes that have been in floodwater (if we receive them quick enough)

We have a suite of video recovery tools including a professional tape baking oven at our disposal. In addition, all tapes are pretensioned and rewound before using to avoid unnecessary wear.

We are professionals in video tape transfers and do not put more than 100 minutes on a single disc (for Bluray 150 - 300 mins) to ensure that quality is not diminished. We maintain your video in its native format. We could transfer your Australian/International (PAL) format video to American (NTSC) format to make it work all around the world. However, this would severely reduce the quality(from 625 lines for PAL to only 525 lines for NTSC), and also means that your disk would not be 100% compatible with all TVs in Australia.

The DVD Infinity Quality Difference

There are now other operators who are starting to offer low quality automated video to DVD. These low quality discs may seem attractive until you start to look at them carefully. They reduce the quality of your footage in a number of ways. They do not optimise the input video signal or the compression onto the disc, losing precious quality from your work. They use consumer grade equipment instead of professional equipment, losing more quality. They do not cut out blanks and static, nor the inherent bad takes (such as when the camera cap was left on or the camera was shooting feet because someone forgot to switch it off). Instead of creating meaningful chapter points (to allow you to jump where you want to jump) you end up with no chapter points or with meaningless points generated by a computer every X minutes. They then output to cheap and nasty quality discs which will cause you problems on playback and may only last a few years. Most of these operators use low quality consumer equipment (such as automated recorders, consumer decks, video to disc recorders), severely robbing you of the quality you deserve. You risk losing your precious memories. Beware as you will only get what you pay for. The difference can be even more evident in Bluray productions150 - 300 mins) to ensure that quality is not diminished. We maintain your video in its native format. We could transfer your Australian/International (PAL) format video to American (NTSC) format to make it work all around the world. However, this would severely reduce the quality(from 625 lines for PAL to only 525 lines for NTSC), and also means that your disk would not be 100% compatible with all TVs in Australia.

Beware of Imitators

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With us its not just a video transfer. Our transfers are the best anywhere.
Aren't your memories worth preserving properly?

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