Typical bad frame examples

Unfortunately, most analog tapes are over 20 years old and their condition is deteriorating daily. Our experience shows us that over 90% of typical home movie video will have un-viewable frames like the examples below. If these are left in they become extremely distracting and irritating. We take them out to ensure a smooth running video with viewable and enjoyable footage only.

Typical bad frame pictures

These un-viewable frames are likely caused by the following:
  • physical damage to tape
  • camera left running in error
  • mould and humidity
  • tape under tension
  • distortion caused through switching on and off
  • dubbing from another tape
A PAL type video has 25 frames per second or 270,000 frames in a typical 180 minute video. Locating each of those damaged / un-viewable frames and cutting them out is a very difficult and time consuming task. Fortunately DVD Infinity has developed its own in-house software and procedures to find and cut these out ( we also cut out TV footage automatically). Low cost, low quality competitors cannot match our careful and detailed edit and ultimately cost you more in wasted time and money.

For a high quality professional result guaranteed DVD Infinity is the answer.