Video Tape Repair, Recovery and Restoration

Have you just found your precious wedding tape is damaged? Maybe it has mould or mildew growing on it, has been affected by liquids, dust, dirt, smoke, heat, or has been twisted, broken, or jammed in the video player.

Playing damaged videos in your VCR can destroy your tapes and it can cause serious damage to your VCR.

We can professionally restore the images from:

  • mould or mildew damaged video tape
  • liquid, dust, dirt, smoke or heat damaged tape
  • broken or twisted video tape
  • broken or dog chewed video casing
  • water damaged tape
  • pulled apart by your kid
  • tape stuck in camera
DVD Infinity is able to salvage your precious memories from video tapes and digitise them for safe keeping. We can rescue any domestic formats.
  • Digital8, Hi8, Video8
  • Beta (Betamax, Betacord, Betamovie, Beta HiFi)
  • miniDV, DVCam, HDV
  • other formats available on request
Sometimes even when magnetic material has been lost in some parts, we can recover footage from other sections of the tape. Even if the tape does not play in your player, we are often able to recover something from the tape. This may include images of deceased loved ones.

It is not possible to recover videotape that has been recorded over by mistake, as the VCR erases as part of the normal record function.

Note that video restoration is only available with a Video Transfer package.