Professional Photo / Negative / Slide Scan

We offer the highest quality digital scan available for your photographs, 35mm slides (transparencies) and negatives. We only use professional 48 bit scanners, and offer resolution capture levels according to your requirements. Depending on your material format, we select the most compatible equipment together with our proprietary processes to optimise the digital image output. If additional work is required after the highest quality scanner extracts the best it can from the image, each image can then be optimised manually (i.e. even the best scanner in the world cannot do all the processing). Each scan is individually and manually processed, eliminating mould, mildew, dust, cobwebs, scratches, etc, and correcting colour for faded, over and underexposed images. This is where DVD Infinity's highly skilled and dedicated professionals optimise each image for you. The images below show an example of the difference between a heavily faded, mould effected slide, before and after the DVD Infinity treatment.

Do you think your Photos / Negatives / Slides are too bad to be Scanned?

Most of the slides and negatives we handle these days are now over 50 years old. Many have faded colours or are mould effected. We encounter many examples which are almost impossible to restore, however DVD Infinity has it’s own processing and skilled technicians. Whilst very labour intensive, it is work that many other companies won't even bother to attempt. It is our aim to serve our customers and preserve your image to the best quality.

See Our Photo Restoration

Our Popular Packages

Just Scan …

DVD Infinity - Photo / Slide Scan
This package is for anyone wanting to edit their photos/slides/negatives and demand the highest quality digital capture to start their project. This is not a pure straight scan from our equipment as we add some essential features into this package:
  • BASIC dust, mould and mildew eliminated
  • BASIC scratches and cobwebs eliminated
  • maintain original colour
  • better dynamic range (the detail that exists between the brightest highlights and darkest shadows)
  • better Dmax (the depth of shadow detail)
  • smoothing and reduction of grain
  • can be output to JPG, BMP, TIF, at 1200 dpi (Photos), 2000 dpi / 4000 dpi (slides / negatives) with up 48 bit colour depth or 16 bit greyscale, one file per scan
  • a standard 35mm slide/negative scanned at 2000 dpi is good enough for a 6"x8" print
    a standard 35mm slide/negative scanned at 4000 dpi is good enough for a 12"x16" print
  • can output to a hard drive (Mac or PC), USB thumb drive, CD / DVD data disc, etc
  • output files are numbered and matched to the actual photos/slides/negatives and folders are created for different group of scans
  • all processes are handled by experienced editor, not automated by machine
  • all vision is stored in our system for 60 days only in case of any changes or copies required
Please note that images ARE NOT cropped or ARE NOT rotated to correct orientation in this package.
As an additional service to our Just Scan, we offer an affordable package where we also crop and correct orientation implemented for each scan. This is a perfect add on package if your photos/slides/negatives are in reasonable condition as your scanned images can then be used or printed straight away.
Scan Plus with Touch Up …

DVD Infinity - Photo / Slide Scan
If you are time challenged and want the best total solution for your images, this package will suit you. After cropping and correcting orientation, we then adjust faded colours, remove further mould, dust and scratches and correct over and under exposures manually.

Full Restoration is also available on request.
Slide Show
on DVD or Blu-ray

DVD Infinity - Photo / Slide Scan
If you want us to go one step further and create a professionally produced slide show based on your images, we have the right package for you. Our professional services offer you:
  • chapter points set for each group of scan given
  • background music can be dubbed from our music library or supplied music
  • fade in at the beginning and fade out at the end so that your DVD/Blu-ray looks properly done
  • can be done in Wide (16:9) screen optimised for modern TV and PC monitor
  • can be done in PAL and NTSC at the same time
  • can be done in Standard Definition on DVD or High Definition on Blu-ray
  • can be output to High Definition MP4 Files at the same time
  • can be output to Ultra High Definition (4K) MP4 Files (must be scanned at 4000 dpi for slides / negatives)
  • not sure about the sequence of the scan order, no worries, prepare the scan on a CD/DVD data disc first for you to preview, then re-sequence to the correct order in the final disc (small additional charge applies)
  • optimisation of compression to the nearest minute
  • creation of personalised disc and cover, that means each disc is unique with a front photo selected and printed
  • highest photo quality full colour thermal printing directly onto disc face
  • highest quality super clear DVD cases (alternatively you can choose jewel or slimline cases)
  • highest quality media used
  • all processes are handled by experienced editor, not automated by machine
  • all vision is stored in our system for 60 days only in case of any changes or copies required
  • artwork is stored in our server in case copies required by customers
** The optional MP4 file format output has unlimited applications, you can play this on a smart TV when copied to a USB drive, hard disc drive or through your network. Files can also be emailed to your family and friends, uploaded to youtube, or even loaded on to your smart devices. For better viewing on your slide show, it is highly recommended you give us your choice of background music (you must provide a commercial music CD for us in this case).

Digital photo retrieval

DVD Infinity - Photo / Slide Scan
Where your digital photos have been accidentally deleted, or the SD card has been accidentally reformatted, DVD Infinity may be able to help you. As long as the media has not been physically damaged, or additional images haven’t been added to the card, we have success in many cases.

Photo/Slide Types

We transfer from the following photo/slide types:
  • photos up to A4 Size (please enquire for larger size)
  • photos inside a Photo Album (please enquire)
  • Kodakchrome
  • Ektachrome
  • Fuji
  • Agfachrome
  • Ansochrome
  • 3M
  • 35mm, 110, 120, 126, 127, 220 & 4"x5" slides
  • 35mm, medium and large format negatives
  • glass plate negatives up to A4 size
  • Magic lantern slides
  • Autochrome glass plate slides
  • 3D Stereo slides
  • digital images from CD, DVD, USB, HDD, smart cards, compact flash, memory cards, etc
More Details

Beware of Low Quality Imitations

Beware of backyard operators offering low prices for the service. These low prices look great until you start to compare the differences.

Resolution The true resolution can vary greatly.
We generally scan 35mm slides at approximately 2600 x 1700 high quality pixels after cropping the uneven edges (can be enlarged to an A4 print). This means that we provide more than 4 x the resolution of a 1200 x 800 pixel scan (a 1200 x 800 pixel scan only equates to a 10cm x 6cm print at photographic quality, defined at 300dpi print resolution).

We generally scan photos at 600dpi and 1200dpi. Some people scan at 300dpi or even less and state that they have the best prices. Some exaggerate resolutions, attempting to show software enhanced resolutions rather than true resolution. Software enhanced, means more pixels but not more image. i.e. the scan is made with fewer pixels and then extra pixels are interpolated by the software. Basically it cuts corners but does not create extra detail. The next trap is most people use consumer scanners rather than professional scanners. These scanners do not provide the same quality as a professional scanner but amateurs working from their home often use these scanners.

Many operators explain how good they are by reference to the number of megapixels of their scans. This is crazy. Anyone can make a very low quality file that takes up lots of space. It is no way to measure quality. This is like saying my computer is bigger so it must be better.

Some operators quote based on dpi and use software enhanced figures to make their output sound better than they are. For instance, a 3200dpi software enhanced resolution is not as good as a true 2000dpi scan resolution. Remember that professional slide scanners never have 3200dpi as an output option. Also, a 2000dpi scan of a professional slide scanner will produce higher quality work that any non professional scanner regardless of the quoted resolution. A 4000dpi scan on a professional scanner will provide 4 times the resolution of a 2000dpi scan on a professional scanner.

3D Scanning & Colour Separation Our professional slide scanners use 3 dimensional scanning technology to remove the surface dust and mould from the scan. Apart from scanning the red, green and blue components of the image separately to provide better colour, they also scan a separate infra red channel to identify surface dust, mould and scratches. Professional scanners will have this sort of feature.

Manual Restoration Furthermore, many operators only scan the slides/photos using the scanner's inbuilt mould removal and colour correction capability. This is only half the job. The image also needs to be manually edited in order to get the best out of it. This is where faded colour can be restored further, excessive mould can be further removed, etc to bring out the very best of each and every image. Scanning slides, retouching slides and creating slide shows is both art and science. It requires high quality experienced technicians to produce highest quality results. DVD Infinity was the first to create professional DVD slide shows and Blu-ray slide shows from slides in Australia. The company has more experience that any other operator in Australia.

Blu-ray option Less professional companies will not offer a Blu-ray option. If slide scanning is done at higher quality it can be output to Blu-ray at 4 times the resolution of DVD.

Slides Scanned in Australia Some operators reduce cost by sending your precious slides to countries such as India, very often without even telling you. With poor quality control and the risk of losing your most precious assets why would you consider it. We have had customers who have had some of their slides lost by at least one of these companies and others whose slides have appeared on photographic libraries. DVD Infinity scan all slides in Australia.

The Best Don't be caught having to have the job redone or worse yet losing your slides when they are sent overseas without your knowledge.

Scanning images is an art as well as a science. Not only must the equipment and processes be the best, the people also need to be the best. DVD Infinity, the experts in slide scanning, have all bases covered.

Don't be caught having to have the job redone.