Our Special Services

  • We sell gift vouchers, a perfect gift for someone special on any occasion. Contact us to discuss.
  • We can transfer your music video to Digital Betacam / Digibeta for "Rage".
  • We have copyright approval to digitise your "Romper Room” video from VHS Or Betamax tape. Your child’s face will be printed on the DVD and cover. See our Video Transfer.
  • We can copy your old floppy disks to CD or DVD disc (3”).
  • We can convert your "PowerPoint" presentation to DVD or Blu-ray Video.
  • We can archive your CDs / DVDs onto Hard Drive (subject to copyright).
  • We can repair your tapes at the time of digitising.
  • We can scan your X-Ray film.
  • We can recover from corrupted Hard Disk, SD card, etc. if not physically damaged.
  • We can digitise messages from your answering machine even if it has no earphone outputs.
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