We are experts in digitising your analog materials

If you are looking to edit and make your own movies or an organisation that simply wants to archive its’ resources then talk to DVD Infinity. We can digitise your film, video, audio and photo collection at the highest quality into a format of your choosing including AVI, QuickTime, WAV, MPEG4 and more in SD and HD. PAL or NTSC tapes are no problem. Tapes broken or damaged by hydrolysis and mold, no problem.

We have the professional equipment and broadcast grade software and highly skilled technicians to get the best from your material.

Here are some common requests from our customers (but there are many more):
  • Digitise cinefilm and to AVI, MOV / QuickTime, MPEG4 in SD or HD and frame-to-frame or slowed to normal speed.
  • Digitise all formats of domestic videotapes including VHS, Betamax, video8, MiniDV to AVI, MOV / QuickTime, MPEG4.
  • Digitise professional format tapes including U-matic, Betacam, Digibeta, DVCPro, 1”to AVI, MOV / QuickTime, MPEG4 etc.
Multiple formats can be produced at the same time to minimise costs.
For film or tape digitisation, normally we produce one file per reel or tape.
For slides and photos, it would be a file per image. All file names will be indexed accordingly or customised naming convention can also be applied on request.