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8mm, 9.5mm, 16mm & Super 8 to DVD & Bluray | Video to DVD | VHS to DVD | Audio to CD | CD/DVD Replication & Duplication


World's highest quality DVD & Blu-ray disks for the home, business and professional sectors. We were the first company in Australia to produce professional DVDs for the consumer and professional markets (over 15 years ago) and again the first to produce professional Blu-rays for the same markets. We were also the first in the Southern Hemisphere to professionally scan 8mm, 9.5mm & 16mm film and later the first in the Southern Hemisphere to professionally scan 8mm, 9.5mm & 15mm film in Full HD in Full colour. We were also the first in the Southern Hemsiphere to offer professional film restoration for 8mm, 9.5mm & 16mm film. We professionally create our high quality DVD Infinity DVDs and Blu-rays from cine film(Super 8, Standard 8, Single 8, 9.5mm & 16mm), video(broadcast, professional and domestic video formats), photos, 35mm slides and negatives. We are proud to have shipped our high quality DVDs and Blu-rays to over 40 countries worldwide.

"We do not just transfer or convert your source material to Blu-ray or DVD Video. Instead, we ensure each image is given individual attention to bring out its best. With the highest quality professional technology(no low end equipment such as DVD or Blu-ray recorders, consumer video players or film projectors), highest quality media(no cheap or no name brands), and our revolutionary proprietary processes, we guarantee the highest quality results. After all, what's the point of preserving a bunch of static filled or blank video tape, blurry or flickering cine film, or faded or underexposed slides? Likewise, what sort of professional or corporate would settle for second best?

If desired, we can add animated menus and scene selections, themed backgrounds, music, captions, titling and professional packaging to create a true masterpiece. For the professional and corporate customer, we are able to transfer more formats than any other company in Australia and can provide full video editing, Blu-ray and DVD authoring and construction, multipass variable bit rate encoding and high quality artwork. We can also create from one to a million copies."

We are a professional organisation with professional shopfronts (West Pennant Hills, Sutherland & Crows Nest) and a factory, who has pioneered professional DVD production and Blu-ray production as well as the best equipment and techniques for scanning small gauge movie film for the consumer, corporate and professional markets. We have been here since the beginning of DVD technology and you are welcome to come in and speak to us rather than send your precious materials to a lower quality home run business postal address. People from all around the world trust DVD Infinity to preserve their memories in the best possible way and we never let them down.

For business, government and other organisations, we offer enterprise archiving where we can archive the hundreds or thousands of video, film and audio assets that your organisation holds but cannot use because they are on a multitude of different formats. We also offer Blu-ray & DVD duplication and CD & DVD replication services for both small and large disk runs.

Home Users (Blu-rays and DVDs from Film, Video and Stills)
Deteriorating videos? Fading photos? Projector broken and can't watch your slides, 8mm or Super 8mm films? Storing them on DVD or Blu-ray eliminates these shortfalls. Imagine your videos, 8mm film and photos on professionally produced DVD Infinity DVDs. Maybe you'd like your wedding, an overseas trip or that special event in your life to view and share with your friends. DVD Infinity can help. We can even convert your overseas video tapes and repair your damaged video tape. We are specialists in converting and transferring your priceless memories and take care to ensure that nothing harms any of the materials submitted and that they are returned in exactly the same condition as we receive them.

    Convert/transfer 8mm film (Standard 8, Super 8 & Single 8), 9.5mm, 16mm film to DVD, Blu-ray, miniDV, data disk or Hard Drive
    Convert/transfer Video - VHS, VHS-C, Compact VHS, Super VHS, Betamax, Betacord, Video8, Hi8, Digital8, miniDV, HDV video to DVD, Blu-ray, miniDV or Hard Drive
    Convert/transfer VHS to DVD, Blu-ray, miniDV or Hard Drive
    Convert/transfer miniDV to DVD, Blu-ray, miniDV or Hard Drive
    Convert/transfer your high definition video (AVCHD or HDV) video to DVD, Blu-ray or Hard Drive
    Convert/transfer digital images, 35mm slides, negatives, photos to DVD and/or Blu-ray and/or CD
    Convert/transfer overseas videos to Australian standard DVD
    Convert/transfer audio cassette, 1/4" reel to reel, microcassette, ADAT, DAT, LP to CD
    Repair video tapes
Home Users
Photographers, Videographers & Film Makers
As a professional photographer, videographer or film maker, you want to exhibit the true quality of your work. A DVD Infinity DVD or Blu-ray Production will really highlight the professionalism of your work and your customers will love it. Don't settle for second best any more. VHS & DVD video (if you are shooting on HD) are no longer a satisfactory alternative. If you shoot on anything from film, miniDV or DVCam or HDV to Betacam SP, DigiBetacam or HDCam SR video your customers are just not getting an inkling of your quality. We provide reliable DVDs and Blu-ray disks, creative DVD and Blu-ray authoring and professional multipass variable bit rate encoding to ensure you get the very best.

    Convert/transfer Standard 8mm, Super 8, 9.5mm, 16mm film to DVD, miniDV, DVCam or HDD
    Convert/transfer Betacam SP, Betacam SX, Betacam IMX, Digitbetacam, DVCam, miniDV, HDCam, HDCam SR, AVCHD, HDV, U-matic, Super VHS, VHS to DVD
    Convert/transfer HDV, HDCam, AVCHD to DVD, Blu-ray or Hard Drive
    Convert/transfer digital images, 35mm slides, medium format, large format, negatives, photos to DVD or Blu-ray
    DVD authoring & Blu-ray authoring
    DVD duplication, DVD replication, Blu-ray duplication, Blu-ray replication
Educational Institutions
Would you like to be able to transfer your 8mm, Super 8, 9.5mm and 16mm film, video, photos and audio to a media that stores more than 7 times as much data than a CD, has indexing ability that videos do not. No longer do you need to rewind and the excellent quality will last a lifetime. DVD Infinity has the solutions.

    Create fundraisers video on DVD
    Create interactive training video experiences on DVD
    Archive film, video, negatives, slides, digital images, photos to DVD
Educational Institutions
Adventure & Travel Companies
Imagine providing your trip participants the opportunity to take home a memory that lasts forever. Every time they look at the video footage, they remember the good times they had and promote your business. Parachuting, white water rafting, abseiling, adventure travel, etc.

    Promote your adventure or travel company video on DVD
Adventure & Travel Companies
Corporate and Small Business Sector
Whether you just want a reliable fast video to DVD copying, a TV presentation on Betacam created as a professional DVD production, blu-ray duplication or CD or DVD replication service or you want an extremely complex DVD authoring job, DVD Infinity can help. We can archive more film, video and audio formats than anyone else in Australia.

    Create your corporate video presentation on DVD and/or Blu-ray
    Create Looping Video on DVD or Blu-rays with hidden menus for your next exhibition
    Get your message across on DVD and Blu-ray
    Create interactive, self paced learning programmes on DVD and Blu-ray
    Create reliable information kiosks using DVD and Blu-ray
    Showcase your products on DVD and Blu-ray
    Archive all you moving and still images and audio to DVD and Blu-ray
    Author a professional interactive DVD and Blu-ray
    DVD Replication - Replicate 500 or a million discs
    DVD Duplication - Duplicate 1 to a few hundred discs
    Replicate 500 or a million Blu-rays
    Duplicate 1 to a few hundred Blu-rays
Corporate Sector
Call us. There are an infinite number of possibilities for your film and video and we can help you to find the one that suits your requirements. Alternatively, if you have innovative suggestions or ideas we would like to hear from you.
DVD Infinity - Infinite possibilities on DVD and Blu-ray

Why DVD Infinity? What makes our DVDs and Blu-rays so special?

DVD Infinity is Australia's leading providor and the pioneer of Video, DVD and Blu-ray based solutions for the home, professional and corporate markets. We offer unique and innovative DVD solutions for all your requirements. The organisation was established at the beginning of DVD history by a team of post graduate qualified professionals with backgrounds in information technology, video and still photography, graphic design, engineering and business who saw the huge potential of DVD. We introduced the first affordable professional DVD Production service for the consumer market back at the beginning of 2001 and the first professional cine film DVDs (scanning customers' film) for the consumer market at the beginning of 2002, the first professional Blu-ray disks for the consumer market at the very beginning of 2008 and are constantly striving to bring new and exciting products to market.

DVDs and Blu-rays are our specialty. It is all we do. It is what we do better than anyone else.

Whether you want someone to professionally preserve your old family films or videos, provide new marketing or training ideas for your organisation, or create an interactive DVD or Blu-ray for your new feature film, turn to DVD Infinity.

Our commitment to quality
We are constantly upgrading our suite of professional equipment and software to ensure we use the very best possible technology. This means, if it exists somewhere in the world, acquiring it, and if not, creating it. Much of our equipment and software has been designed and created by in-house engineers. Our proprietary processes are fully digital and even our cables ensure superior fidelity. We use a combination of the best automated processes and highest skilled human operators to ensure the highest possible quality. Every CD, DVD or Blu-ray disk is quality reviewed and visually inspected before it leaves the laboratory.

In terms of staffing, each staff member is trained up on a specific area of the production process. He or she then becomes an expert in that area. A DVD Infinity team member may be employed to scan cine film or stills or capture video, to edit video or film or stills or to create the DVD or Blu-ray. Each person develops an expertise in excess of what one person doing the whole process could possibly hope to achieve. This sets us aside from the lower quality operations.

Benefits of a DVD Infinity DVD and Blu-ray include:
  • highest quality professional technology(no low end equipment such as DVD or Blu-ray recorders, consumer grade DVD or Blu-ray creation hardware or software or film projectors) for better images
  • highest quality professional staff trained to DVD Infinity's high standards
  • highest quality highest resolution professional full colour thermal printing directly on your DVD or Blu-ray
  • highest quality image from your film, video or still and a title of your choice printed on your DVD or Blu-ray and cover at Hollywood quality
  • highest quality full colour slick printing on photographic paper
  • highest quality media(no cheap or no name brands) - this means your disk will play in more players
  • highest quality only - we do not offer multiple quality levels as this would mean that we would not be concentrating on obtaining maximum quality
  • able to handle more formats than any other organisation in Australia
  • multiple media options(not just DVD-R or just DVD+R) - ensures higher compatibility
  • no more than 100 minutes per DVD(> 100 minutes may cause unacceptable pixelation) - cleaner pictures
  • scene selections at appropriate rather than preset or random points(created by skilled operators) on all Deluxe packages
  • compression (bit rate) is digitally optimised to the minute(not just the hour) - means higher quality images
  • Hollywood grade compression - means highest quality images on your DVD or Blu-ray
  • multiple tapes per DVD or Blu-ray if desired - easier to keep things together and less storage required
  • ability to mix different formats of film, video and stills in any order to achieve what you want
  • dedicated to Film, Video, DVD and Blu-ray - this means greater experience, more professional equipment, hardware and software and better techniques and processes
  • our DVDs and Blu-rays even come with an opening scene, just like the Hollywood Blockbusters, as a stamp of our high quality
  • all orders sent back by us both domestically and internationally require a signature on receipt and provide full tracking
  • all orders processed in Australia
  • over fifteen years experience in producing professional DVDs

Highest Quality Film Transfers - Super 8, Standard 8, 9.5mm & 16mm film to DVD & Blu-ray

Highest quality cine film transfers on the planet
    We offer the highest quality Super 8, Standard 8 (aka Regular 8, cine 8 and double 8), Pathe 9.5mm and 16mm cine film transfers on the planet. Our revolutionary proprietary processing and individual frame by frame scanning provide unparalleled detail, colour clarity, contrast, sharpness and brightness. Our transfers are completely flicker free, have no hot spots, streaks, motion blur, ghosting, frame blending, wobble or uneven distribution. What's more, you will receive up to 25% more viewable image from each frame with a DVD Infinity transfer. We perform minor colour and exposure correction and carefully remove any blanks and excessive camera shake. Also because we scan your film rather than use a projector (or projector based system such as direct film to DVD, telecine chain or aerial telecine), your film is not subject to the damaging effects of tension or hot lamps. We received the accolade of Best Solution Provider in a recent article by Australian MacWorld (Sept 2004).

At the beginning of 2013, we launched a film restoration service for Super 8, Standard 8, 9.5mm and 16mm film that again catapulted our quality beyond what was available. See Film Restoration. The process is able to significantly reduce the black blemishes that appear due to dust and scratches, improve colour, detail and contrast as a result of using multiple frames and reduce film grain.

Highest Quality Slide & Negative Transfers - 35mm, 110, 126, 127, Medium Format, Large Format, Disc Format, Glass Mounted, Minox

Highest quality negative and slide transfers on the planet
    As part of our proprietary processing, we remove scratches, cobwebs, dust, mould and mildew, correct over/under exposure and faded colour, crop and reorientate your slides and negatives before transferring them to one of our unique Blu-ray, DVD or CD Photo Gallery or Animated Photo Album packages. Each image is individually processed manually to optimise the picture quality. Using the highest quality professional film scanners available together with our proprietary processing and image enhancement professionals, we ensure the best results possible.

Highest Quality Video to DVD - VHS, SVHS, Betamax, Video8, Hi8, Digital8, Camcorder Tapes, etc

Highest quality home video transfers on the planet
    Over 90% of consumer video has blanks and static, gaps and obviously unintentional shoots. Using the most professional equipment available, we digitally optimise your video signal, reduce noise and distortion for crisp, clean and clear pictures and generally enhance your images, cutting blanks, static and obviously unintentional shoots (for example where the camera cap has been left on or the camera has been shooting the ground) as well as improving the clarity of muffled audio, before transferring your precious video to Blu-ray or DVD. We add event chapter points for each change in event (eg. where you are horse riding on a beach and then go to a children's birthday, an event chapter is generated for easy searching). We even optimise the DVD compression to the nearest minute not just the nearest hour. This is important in bringing out the best of your footage. It is the only way to professionally archive your memories. We maintain your video in its native format and transfer no more than 100 minutes to retain the highest quality possible. We also use Hollywood grade compression rather than the low cost low quality compression used by others. We have highest quality transfers for all consumer formats including VHS, SVHS, VHS-C, SVHS-C, Video8, Hi8, Digital8, miniDV, microMV, Betamax. etc.

We could transfer your Australian/International (PAL) format video to American (NTSC) format to make it work all around the world. However, this would severely reduce the quality(from 625 lines for PAL to only 525 lines for NTSC), and also means that your disk would not be 100% compatible with all TVs in Australia.

Most Professional Blu-ray & DVD Solutions

Most professional and innovative corporate Blu-rays and DVDs
    We create the most unique corporate Blu-rays and DVDs for any occasion. Whether you are after a solution for marketing or promotion, information dissemination, legal depositions, training or archiving, DVD Infinity can help. Our interactive Blu-rays and DVDs bring new scope to any application. Let us help you think outside the sphere.

Most Professional DVD & Blu-ray Transfers, Authoring, Duplication, Replication, Manufacturing & Printing

Most professional Blu-ray and DVD Transfers, Authoring, Replication, Duplication & Printing
    For professional filmmakers, videographers and photographers, we transfer more formats than anyone else in Australia and offer digitally optimised broadcast grade multi pass variable bit rate encoding, real time quality control and review, and customised cover and Blu-ray or DVD. We add animated menus and scene selections, the same as any Hollywood Blu-ray or DVD, only featuring your own footage. Full video editing and professional Blu-ray and DVD authoring is available. We can add captions, special effects and transitions, subtitles and multiple sound tracks. We are able to do basically anything that you've seen in any Blu-ray or DVD. We can also produce from one to one million copies as required. We duplicate recordable CD-Rs, BD-Rs and DVD-Rs, using highest quality and fastest speed media and offset or thermally print them at highest quality available. We offer highest quality DVD replication services, replicating DVD-5s, DVD-9s and DVD-10s with zero errors.

Affordable Audio CD Replication, Duplication & Manufacturing

Most professional Audio CD Authoring, Replication, Duplication & Printing
    For musicians and bands, we offer digitally optimised high end audio encoding, real time quality control and review, and customised cover and CD. We add your CD text so that the CD tracks can be registered with the international Gracenote database of albums, artists, song tracks, etc. We can also produce from one to one million copies as required. We duplicate recordable CDs, using highest quality and fastest speed media and offset or thermally print them at highest quality available. We provide CD replication services with zero errors.

Our attention to detail
Our technicians are perfectionists with acute eyes for detail. We strive to bring out the very best from your materials. Nothing less is acceptable. Whether it is optimising a video signal, transferring 70 year old cine film or designing a custom menu system, we always go that little bit further. If a video needs to go across multiple Blu-rays or DVDs, we don't just cut your wedding video in the middle of the wedding vows, your child's birthday just before he blows out a candle or in the middle of a corporate presenter's speech. All the products we produce undergo a strict quality control procedure (including visual and digital checks) to ensure highest possible standards. After all, we are handcrafting your masterpiece not just transferring data, and that masterpiece will be around for a long time to come. Furthermore, from the time we take possession of your materials, we treat them with the same respect we treat our own.

Our dedication to service
24 hours, seven days a week, we provide a level of service above your expectations. We display our finished products on our customers' machines to ensure satisfaction. We provide the flexibility, resources and ideas to meet all your requirements. We go the extra mile and we are not happy unless you, the customer, are happy. If you are in Sydney, come in and speak to one of our knowledgeable staff. We aim for 110% customer satisfaction. We build our business on referrals and word of mouth. Here are some of what our clients are saying:
Just a word of thanks for the excellent job you did on the transfer of the old 8mm film to DVD, IDE external drive and VHS. These were excellent and I am very happy with the quality.
HRH Crown Prince Tupouto'a, Tonga

   Amazing work you guys have done..Thanks a million.....
Hi guys..Just got my DVD /DV Tapes Am running the DVD on a $49 new DVD player onto a 16:9 Samsung LCD screen..Un-beleivable! You are right..I have never seen my "footage" (meterage does'nt sound right does it?) look so brilliant, after all,it is 42 or so years old. I rang our local Mac shop in Rockhampton (getting a new iMac 20" dual chip Intel™) to get Trisha to put your site address in her book of clues..Also expect a guy "Sully" ... or his daughter to contact you to get a heap of old 8mm film done..I will contact him to let him know how happy I am with your work..

I have a 42" Panasonic Plasma "Monitor" (not TV) coming..Imagine how it will look on that..Will send more film next week..

My mate owns the ... Museum ..He also has old film..Will let him know of you guys when he is back from the States..

Ripper! Keep up the great work..Saving "old" Australia..Regards & thanks "Once history is lost,it is history
Brian, Emerald, QLD

   video received. Your transfer quality is unbelievable !

Many thanks,


Mike, South Africa

   The DVDs were received yesterday, for which many thanks. I had the same film transferred by two top labs in the UK and your quality was by far the best. I will be sending the rest of my films to you, as well as transferring funds.


Edgar, UK

   Thank you for the excellent job you did in transferring our old family 8mm home movies to DVD. The quality of the DVD playbacks of the old 8mm films was a pleasant surprise with obvious improvement to the image quality.

The movies dated back to 1948 and some were not in very good condition due to projection crimping and sixty years of storage. Further to this, some of the film that was badly exposed and not very presentable with the movie projector, you have greatly improved on the DVD.

We also appreciate the way you have presented the DVD discs with colourful case and disc labels with scenes from the respective films for more ready identification. The further multiple scene selections on the back of the DVD cases and on the TV image gave a professional touch to the screen as does the appropriate musical background to the introduction. I also found your phone communication with me very friendly and helpful when sending the movies to you. All in all, very good work and I would recommend anyone wanting 8mm home movie films converted to DVD to contact DVD Infinity.

Yours faithfully
JR Long
Auckland, New Zealand

   This note is long overdue but I wanted to send you an unsolicited compliment on your handling of the Super-8 film that I sent you late last year. You may recall that I requested that you make two DVDs for me and that the original material was a collection of very amateur family clips.

The disks that you sent me were, as you promised, very clear and far more steady than I expected. One segment in particular I remember as washed-out, rather jumpy footage of my paternal grandmother who died twenty years ago. Last Christmas, at our family gathering, I was able to show the film to my father (it brought back a lot of memories for him) and my extended family. My youngest brother had no recollections of her and neither my daughter nor any of her cousins had ever seen more than one or two old photographs of her.

For that privilege alone I thank you ... but the quality of your work and the service you provided were superb! Everything from the simple but stylish presentation in the case to the photo on the disks to the menu system were very appropriate to the subject matter.

I might add that I have spoken to a number of people about your service and have referred one directly to you.

Thank you very much!
Graeme, Bomaderry NSW, Australia

We wanted to convey how pleased we are to have chosen DVD Infinity to transfer our Slides and 8mm Films to DVD. Given some of the material was well over 50 years old, the results exceed all expectation!
With both parents gone now and ourselves of an age, to bring our childhood back to life, particularly the 8mm movies, is a wonderful experience.
To people or families that have old film or slides in their possession I cannot recommend highly enough having them scanned and made viewable again.
DVD Infinity are the people to do it.
Many thanks for your care and attention.

Ross, West Pymble NSW, Australia

I apologise David, I had been unable to see the postal card in the place they left it.
I have just watched the DVD and am blown away.
I had previously had another film transferred by ... After 3 months of being treated like an idiot, I finally got the DVD which looked like it had been thrown together in quick time (for not much less cost).
I am amazed at the sharpness and colour of the job you have done, and would have to say the whole thing right down to the cover is pretty much flawless. Staff have been prompt with any inquiries, it has been very professional.
I would like to thank the technicians & staff, I would definitely recommend your company to others, & will be looking at having the other films re-done by you sometime down the track, the quality is that much better.

Hoping you have a nice Xmas,
Pete, Corio, Victoria, Australia

I am writing this message in case I am unable to contact you on the phone.

I wish to thank you very much for undertaking this project for me and to congratulate you and/or your co-workers for the excellence of the finished products, both DVD and digital copies. The final DVD greatly exceeded my expectations, given the age (33 years) of the original super-8 films and the fact that they had been stored in far from optimal conditions. I am most grateful and will certainly spread the word about your excellent service.

The films of the three schools in Bougainville in the 70s will be a most valuable asset for our Marist Australian Province archives as well as bringing much pleasure and many memories to those men, still living, who worked there and who appear in the films.

Once again, my most sincere thanks.

Best wishes,

Daniel, Campbelltown, NSW



My apologies that it has taken me so long to get back to you again.

I picked up the discs of my converted home movies a couple of weeks ago, and I just have to say that I was totally astounded at the quality which was achieved in the conversion process. These were home movies which are more than 50 years old, but we are now seeing details which we had never noticed before. Really!

David at Crows Nest was so helpful in advising us on the best options, and your technician ... and his machine are an awesome combination.

We would like to say a truly heartfelt "Thank You" to you and all your team.

Best regards,

John, Burleigh Waters, QLD


   I just wanted to let you know that the DVD’s arrived safe and sound today. We have had a quick look at the first couple and could not be happier with the job you have done. Thank you so much from all of us for so professionally preserving this significant chunk of our family history.

Once we have had a chance to go through the lot we will get back to you regarding those that we would like multiple copies of.

Mike, Hawthorn, Vic, Australia

The DVD arrived today. It is fantastic! The cover art of my Dad in his yellow dress turned out really well. I'll get my parents over this weekend and we can enjoy them together. I am really pleased with the video quality and the production quality of the DVD presentation in software and the cover art. Well done! I am also very impressed that there are images that we have not seen before, specifically just before my Dad in yellow is a 5 second leader that we had not been able to view using the projector but shows some long lost family friends! And the ability to pause without burning film is invaluable.

Just so you know, I intend to review the films (now that they are easier to view on DVD!) so I can sort chronologically them this weekend, I am hoping to provide you a new play sequence and re-order a number of copies. As you previously mentioned, I need to do this in the next month or less before you 'archive' the footage.

Norton, The Basin, Victoria, Australia

   I have now had a chance to look at some of the DVD's you made for us and I want to let you know that we are very pleased with the results! Actually the quality is better then we have ever seen it, projected directly from film.
Great job, thanks a lot. And the covers are great.

Franz, Hawthorndene, SA, Australia

   I am delighted with the treatment of my last batch of films.

Could you please so the same magic with the accompanying four reels...

Please contact me ... when these are ready. I will then arrange payment and dig up some more for you to work wonders with.

John, Glen Huntly, Victoria, Australia

   Just to let you know we received the DVDs. safe 'n' sound We've had a quick look and we're thrilled with the result. Thank you for arranging and presenting the DVDs so sensitively. It will be great for all the family to reflect over them, when we're all together Boxing Day. Regards,
Marg, Camberwell, Victoria, Australia

   Received the DVD to-day.... Bloody well done. Thank you. It has made my year.
Mark, Tungamull, QLD, Australia


   Received the reels and the hdd a couple of weeks ago, I’ve finally watched all the footage and I’m amazed at the quality! It’s better than I expected, you really did a great job with the conversion and I’m extremely happy!! I won’t hesitate to recommend you to others, the difference between you and the competition is worth the investment!

Much appreciated

Jeff, Huntingdon, Victoria, Australia

   thank you VERY much for the excellent job you did in transferring my slides into a slide show.

The colour rendition is terrific and it is clear that you put a great deal of attention into the detail. Those slides are important to me and you have transferred them into a format which brings them out and enhances them. As a result the slides are much more enjoyable and meaningful to look at.

thank you again
Judith, Bondi, NSW, Australia


   Just received my DVD order and I must say that I am extremely impressed with the results.
The pictures are very clear & well exposed and streets ahead of the original film & poor tape copies that I have had made in the past.
The presentation cases and chapter layout is very professional.
My friends will be very happy to receive a copy of this DVD.
I have another reel of old steam enthusiast films which I will send up for similar treatment.
I'll have no hesitation in recommending your services to any of my friends & colleagues.
Thanks again.
Peter, Knoxville, Victoria, Australia

You recently transferred some sixty year old standard 8mm movie to MiniDV for me. I have just viewed the DVD I have had made from that and am amazed and delighted at the result. The colour and clarity have been enhanced and there is a new freshness to the images. From the master MiniDV I will now able to create a DVD which will include commentary, music and new titles; adding a new dimension to these precious images from so long ago. Thank you for doing a great job.

Wally, Eagle Point, Victoria, Australia

   Many thanks for the conversion job you did on my old super8 film. The digitising is certainly better than I could ever have hoped. As my old Granny used to say, "You can't make a silk purse from a sow's ear", but you surely came close. Both the DVD and the Minidv conversions were well worthwhile. I am now having fun mastering the film editing software that came with my new Sony Handycam. Friends of mine will be in contact with you soon, if not already, to have you work on their movies.
Great job.
Many thanks.
John, Spearwood, WA, Australia

   May I take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for the sterling work you performed with my family's precious old standard 8 home movies. The DVD you created is destined to become a priceless heirloom, and will bring much joy, happiness and memories to my siblings and I. Thank you most warmly.

Gerry, Caloundra, QLD, Australia

   A quick note of thanks for a gift for my partners 30th birthday and was played as a surprise at the party. It was a huge success and a great deal of positive feedback was received from friends and family.
I would like to thank you and your team for the professional service and work that was carried out.
I sincerely appreciate all your help and hope to forward further business your way in the future. Thanks Again
Tamara, Eschol Park

   I just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with the DVD I had copied from a mini dv tape that had juice spilt on it.

Thanks heaps!! I didn't end up losing any video from my holiday. Its great!!
Susan, Sherwood, QLD, Australia

   Just a quick note to say thank you for the wonderful service your company has provided me re my SUPER 8 Film Transfer - Looks FANTASTIC !!!!

The best possible result - amazing how much damage projectors do the film but now its Vibrant and colorful again thanks to DVD Infinity .

Its going to be a great Xmas Gift with so many happy memories for approx 50 people

Thanks once again - Will highly recommend your services and now pursue my other film reels.

Joe, Essendon, Victoria, Australia

   Thank you so much for completing my recent film conversion. Whilst I certainly appreciate the finished product, equally important to me has been the prompt, reliable and courteous way with which you conduct your business. It is a pleasure to engage with a company who responds so immediately via e-mail and in such a personall and personable manner. Many other businesses to day could take note.
Brian, Bendigo, Victoria, Australia

   I have seen one of the 2 DVDs of my movies and I am pleased with the result which live up to your advertising.

Thank you for the work which will give my family much pleasure over the coming years.

Bob, Bega, NSW, Australia

   just to let you know that everything turned up OK and that we are very happy with the results......you have managed to make some silk purses out of sows ears....

Thanks again
Rick, MacGregor, ACT, Australia

   Having used DVD Infinity in the past I guess I shouldn't have been surprised by the quality of the latest transfers, but I was. How incredible! My grandfather's footage of his grandchildren is over 60 years old. The reproduction was exceptionally clear, the colour crisp and the presentation . . . well what can I say? I have watched he DVD over and over and I'm sure my siblings will be over joyed when they receive their copy for Christmas. Thank you. It is good to know that in this era of slap dash, DVD Infinity is committed to nothing less than top quality.

Kind regards
Kathy, Cessnock, NSW


   Today, I collected from our local post office the 3 DVDs that your company produced for me from an 8mm cinefilm taken of our wedding (which was 39 years ago!).

Due to an oversight by an Australia Post contractor, I received notice to collect the package only today – ten days after the package was received by our local post office. Therefore, we did not view the DVD until this evening.

My wife and I want you to know that we are very impressed with the quality that you have achieved from an old amateur cinefilm (though it was shot by someone who at the time was an ABC film cameraman) and would like to thank you for the care and attention you have given to our order.

We will certainly recommend your company to any of our friends who seek similarly high quality results.

Congratulations, and thanks again.

Peter, Kambah, ACT, Australia

   I had intended sending you this email well before now, but it somehow got deferred with more pressing things to attend to.

DVD Infinity recently digitised 5 spools (3 x 7" spools, and 2 x 5" spools…) of old Super 8 and Std 8 movie films that I had in my archives. As I had indicated to you previously, many years ago I had these films transferred to VHS tape but I was never particularly enthralled by the end result. The resulting VHS tapes were later digitised by me a couple of years later, but I am sure you can imagine that the results were not all that inspiring.

I had resigned myself to the fact that I would never see a better quality version of those old films and the entire issue had therefore been despatched to boxes of old archives, and to the deep recesses of my mind. Until…

In July this year I happened to see a TV advertisement of yours here in Melbourne one afternoon which somehow attracted my attention. It caused me to re-consider whether or not I would go through the process of migration again. Even though I was assured otherwise by yourselves, I was still somewhat fearful that I would end up with poor-quality digital video again. The fact that you claimed to digitise frame-by-frame sounded attractive (I do have 40 years computer technology experience, and have been a hobby videographer for some 30 years, so do understand more than a little about digital computing and digital video…), but given that I had been assured of a good quality result many years ago by the earlier company, I was still somewhat hesitant.

However, I decided to go ahead and invest in another conversion attempt with DVD Infinity.

Firstly, let me say that I fully recognise that we have become so blasé in recent years with High Definition video from today's HD video cameras, that we tend to forget how poor (by comparison) the results achieved from home movie (film) cameras of 35-40 years ago. Yet in their day, such home movie photography was seen as somewhat amazing, and quite good quality. So I was certainly not expecting some magical conversion that would give me the equivalent of today's HD video.

HOWEVER, I was never-the-less very pleasantly surprised with the result which was achieved… far better than I had expected. I wish to acknowledge the great result that was achieved in the resulting AVI files supplied to me on four DVD disks.

I have since edited the resulting video into more usable edited DVD's… the ONLY correction that I needed to undertaker in terms of editing was to slow down the digital video… given the films were recorded at 18 frames-per-second, whereas digital video is 25 fps. So obviously all movement looked somewhat silly because of the increased speed. But by slowing down to the equivalent "real life" speed appears to have lost no resolution and (strangely) not not even seemed to have introduced any kind of video "flicker" because of the slower speed. My video editing software (Avid Studio) seems to have taken that in its stride.

So… many thanks for a great job. I would very happily recommend your services to anyone else who might be wanting to migrate old Super 8 or Standard 8 movie film. Based on my experience, I am sure they will be extremely happy with the results.

Allan, Brighton East, Victoria, Australia


   I will have no hesitation in recommending your company to anybody that asks.
Thanks again.
Eric, Ontario, Canada


   We just loved your work on the DVD – it far exceed our expectations – thank you.

We intend to send you more films in the new year.

Until then, are you able to make us any copies of the DVD complete with covers like you did for the original?

We need 4 copies.

Please let me know if I need to post the originals back to you or if you have a copy of them up there.

Many thanks,

Melinda, Canberra, ACT

   I just received my tape and wanted to say thanks for the excellent job you have done with my super 8 footage.
It looks better than i could have imagined.
I have a few more reels that will be coming your way shortly.
Could you please supply me job sheet so i can get them off to you as soon as they are ready.

Thanks again, you truly made my day.

Chris, Prahran, Victoria, Australia

   The transfer you have done is magnificent given material that is 45 years old.

David, East Brighton, Victoria, Australia

   Just wanted to drop you a quick line to tell you how impressed I was with your service. I was apprehensive at first as I have never done anything like this over the net before. I was very glad to have my fears allied when your package arrived. Thanks for your prompt service and the DVD's are great. I have already highly recommended you to family and friends and will continue to do so.

So thank you once again


Mandy, Boronia Heights, QLD, Australia

   We just wanted to thank you again, this time in writing, for the very professional and high quality work and service you provided in transferring our very special cine-film memories onto DVD.
Our whole family has gained much enjoyment from watching the results of all your work and all are very impressed with the quality and presentation of the material.
We very much appreciate your dedication and excellent personal service and know that these qualities will further your good reputation!
We will be happy to recommend you to others seeking advice in your field of expertise.

Thank you again.
All the very best
Julie and Brett, Killara NSW, Australia

   I received my DVD today. It is brilliant and everything you said it would be and more. I only wish my husbands' early filming was equal to the work you do. You will be hearing from me in future and also hearing from my friends. I spoke to a friend over from Scotland who was interested also. I gave him your details. Thanks again and I look forward to my children and my brother's children enjoying the DVD.
Karen, Ringwood, Victoria, Australia

   I received the shipment of my first order to DVD Infinity, yesterday, April 13, 2004.
Because of the premium costs involved, I was expecting something special in terms of quality. Bruce, I was not disappointed! You and your people have met, and in some cases exceeded, our expectations. My wife and I are thankful that we have been able to salvage a record of our family to pass along to our grandchildren, and perhaps, to their children. I've seen some examples of transfers of film to DVD in the States, and they don't come close to the resolution and clarity of the original film that you were able to achieve. The artwork on the covers and the labels was outstanding. I know this doesn't happen by accident, but is the product of a standard for quality that you and your people are determined to maintain. Keep up the good work and you will always stand out among the hundreds of vendors who claim to provide the same service...

I hope to have a second order ready to send you in a couple of days. I had continued to edit 8mm film, while I was waiting for you to complete the first order, hoping that I would be favorably impressed with your work. My second order will be about the same size as the first, i.e., three reels of approximately 400 ft. each of 8mm silent film. As in the case of the first order, a cover letter with a detailed listing of scenes, will accompany the second order. I request that you apply whatever credit I have remaining from the first order to the cost of the second order. I will email you a note when this order is mailed...
Rufus, Arizona, USA

   We would like to take this time to thank you for a job well done, we presented the DVD at Christmas time when most of the familly was here and everybody was impressed by the quality obtained from a 8mm film.

Thanks again
Julie, Quebec, Canada

   Terrific job, very pleased, top, top, top. I'm going to recommend you to my ex-wife she has about 2,500 feet of 8 mm film from 1958 Africa.
Ron, New Orleans, USA

   Thank you for the completed Thaipusam Film to DVD transfer (2 copies) which were delivered today. I have seen the results twice and was very impressed with the quality, especially the recorded sound from the small magnetic stripe on the side of the film.
I am now trying to find a seller of a film editor in good working condition so that I can sift thru the masses of film I have to decide which portions to convert to DVD...
Best wishes and thank you for a job well done.

Harold, Singapore

   The DVD's arrived on Tuesday (28 Feb). The conversion to DVD seems to have gone very well indeed! I am very impressed with what you have been able to do with a very old piece of film. My brother (one of the actors) is going to be really be surprised when he sees the results of your work.

Thanks for all your flexibility in satisfying my various requirements.

Steve, ACT, Australia

   Hi There, I recently sent you some 8mm film to be converted to DV tape and DVD....I just got it back and I am very happy with the results you achieved..The DVD seems a lot brighter and clearer than watching the original film with the projector..Thanks for doing such an excellent job...

Richard, Bajool, QLD, Australia

   Just letting you know that the DVD for Bev & Lindsay ... & Family arrived yesterday. What a surprise to have a beautiful cover with some of the family pictures on it - you even picked the correct family members!! You have copied the super 8 movies fantastically & it will always be something that we & our family will treasure. Thanks for a job well done. Bev & Lindsay, Victoria, Australia


Picked up the movies this afternoon. Thanks so much for doing such a brilliant job. Couldn’t be happier.


Andrew, Mont Albert, Victoria, Australia

Job is fantastic. 100 % timing. Thankyou.
Have let many down here know of your professional service!!!
The big event is this weekend.
Catherine and John, Junee, NSW, Australia

   I just received the video. Its quality is fantastic, and the turn around time was so speedy, I am in awe. I am recommending your service to the students in my making better home videos class and to all my friends who have old films. Thank you very much.

I will now take a look at my super 8 film, and if merited, I will send that in as well.

Dan, Illinois, USA

   I just wanted to let you know that we received the DVD's and watched it last night. Thank you so much for the great work, they are fabulous and well worth the expense. If you would like a testimonial from me I would be more than happy to give one.

Kristine, New Jersey, USA

Just wanted to thank you for the great work you did, transferring my Super 8 films onto HD. I managed to copy them onto my Mac without mishap and they look fantastic. I'm sure my family will be rapt when they see the final result!

Thanks again for a job well done,

Monika, Victoria


   I received the DVDs this morning. I had a quick preview before taking one set to my brother. The timing was perfect.
I have viewed more of the DVDs this afternoon and I am very pleased with the quality on the DVDs and the presentation.
The results exceed my expectations and confirm all the comments I read ...
Thank you very much for preserving our treasured memories to share with our families.
I highly recommend your service.

Susan, Chipping Norton, NSW

   Received the package this afternoon. I'm still in tears of happiness. What a great job you did. Your music selection and scene selection is PERFECT!!! You have no idea how great it is to see on DVD loved ones that past away many years ago. Many scenes were not visible via projector. I am already telling people how satisfied I am with your service and hope to send you referrals. I had no idea that you would have this done so quickly. My parents are going to love this for Christmas. THANK YOU once again from the bottom of my heart.

Mike, Atlanta, USA

   I want to thank you for your professional services and for producing a fine product in a timely fashion. I look forward to doing future business with you again.

Denice, California USA

   Got the package today. Many thanks for a job well done. The quality is excellent.

Neil, Hong Kong

   hi there, I have received and watched the DVDs and love them. thank you sooo much. the quality is great, I am really impressed. I will have no hesitation recommending the service to others. great work thank you
Erin, New Zealand

   Thank you for transferring my Super8 movies to DVD, I am absolutely delighted with the results!!!

I now need 3 additional copies for family members. ...
Frank, South Australia


   Thanks again for your incredible service yesterday. It was really appreciated.
Kate, Cromer NSW, Australia

   I have just returned from overseas and now have had my first chance to look at the videos of the standard and super 8's that you did for me. The results are spectacular. In your publicity blurb you said that the quality can be even better than the projected film. Well I can most certainly endorse that.

Thanks for doing such a grand job.
Best regards
John, Rye VIC, Australia

I've received the films and DVD back and I just wanted to thank you for the amazing quality of the conversion. Not having seen the films for years I wasn't sure how the conversion would turn out, but the result is outstanding!

Many thanks for your work!
Kind regards
Chris, Port Melbourne, VIC, Australia

   I have only just had the chance to look at some of the mini DV tapes you produced and I am very pleased with the quality of your conversion of my original 8mm movies. At some point I will send you some more 8mm films to convert but at this stage just wanted to acknowledge receipt of first batch and compliment you on the high quality.
Barry, Forest Lake, QLD, Australia

   Hello, a few weeks back I brought in a vast amount of 8 mm film from my teens forward and sight unseen asked you to place them on DVDs. I collected them last week and still ploughing through but I am delighted with the result and the overall presentation. Your techs instinctive ability to pull out just the right shot for the covers and the very smart intro helped to lift a few hours of silent film. For me it brought back a mass of happy memories and its nice to know they are fairly safe and static for the future generation.

Thanks again

Adrian, Wahroonga, NSW, Australia


Thank you so much for the top job you did on my family slides. It was wonderful to see them in a modern format. I know my brothers and sisters will really enjoy them.

In the new year I will organise myself to send you some super 8 films to put onto DVDs.

I am over the moon with the job. Thank you.

Kathy, Taree NSW, Australia

  Firstly my apologies for not writing to you any sooner. The package arrived a couple of weeks ago and was way above expectations...thank you for doing such an excellent job with what was probably challenging material.

I sent a copy of the DVD to my mother in the UK...you'll be thrilled to hear that it brought her to tears!! Fond memories for us all...thanks.

Cheers, Marek, Hawthorn East, Victoria, Australia

   I just wanted to thank you for the great job you did in converting our 8mm film to DVD for us. We're really happy with the results. It's so much easier to view the footage now and rediscover some old family memories.

Thanks again.


Michelle, Hampton East, Victoria, Australia

   In November I had approximately 200 slides (mostly of my time as a National Serviceman in the Vietnam war) converted to digital format.

I have to say that the quality of the work was outstanding and exceeded my expectations. Where slides were dark or mouldy they have been lightened or mould removed. In many cases the digitised photos were is better and revealed more detail than the original slide.

I am extremely pleased with the result, and recently showed them to a couple of old friends who were with me in my unit in Vietnam during 1970 , and who have not yet digitised their slides...but that is about to change! One lives in Perth and the other in Cremorne, and both should soon be contacting you in the New Year.

I will be reviewing the remainder of my old slides collection and old black and white photos early in the New Year with the intent of having you also digitise them.

Again, many thanks for a great job done.

Richard, Killarney Heights, NSW, Australia

   Thanks so much for your fabulous service today - we've spent the last hour laughing and reliving our wedding day and I will highly recommend your service to our friends.

Tracey, Willougby, NSW, Australia


   I picked up the photos form the post office today. I'd just like to say a massive thank you for the photos - they look fantastic. I'm very impressed and appreciate all your time and effort communicating with me as well.


Our happiest customers have tried other companies first or tried doing it themselves before deciding to go with DVD Infinity.
Our promise of value
We wanted to bring professional DVD Production into the reach of every household not just the film companies with multimillion dollar budgets. We have achieved this and are constantly trying to find ways to add more value to what we produce. We don't quote prices on the web because each job is unique and hence prices vary. However, when we quote a price, there are no hidden charges.

We often have people tell us that our quality is so good that we should charge more, but its not about charging more for us, its about creating happy customers. Our prices are the best value you'll get. Sure, we could cut costs by cutting quality (by using cheap equipment or materials) but what's the point of preserving your memories (or masterpieces) unless you preserve them well? We will not be undersold for the same product at the same high quality.

It is our vision that by the year 2020, DVD Infinity will be a household name associated with all aspects of DVD & Blu-ray production. Delivering results to our clients is our passion and because we are an Australian company all monies remain in Australia.



Please be aware that whether or not you have your materials transferred to DVD or Blu-ray, you should always safeguard your originals as these will in most instances be your masters. Please speak to us when placing an order about how to best store your materials and we can provide advice.

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